Woo Woo! Psychonauts 2?

Update – hopes cruelly dashed. See bottom of post for more.

Eagle eyes have spotted this image on the Double Fine upcoming projects page:

While this is indeed glad tidings for any fan of games possessing character, humour, grand variety and adept storytelling (let’s not mention the irksome platforming emphasis during this time of celebration), we don’t have any idea what this is. It could be a sequel, it could be a DS or PSP remake, it could just be a graphically-tweaked rerelease to cash in on the original game’s ever-swelling cred. But it is more Psychonauts. (Note to self – bloody get around to writing up that bloody Psychonauts retrospective at some point).

Thank you Tim Schafer, thank you.

That said, damn you Tim Schafer, damn you, for making your next game, Brutal Legend, console only. Given it was PC guys that sang Psychonauts’ praises the loudest, it’s a sad decision.

Update – as has been snootily pointed out in comments, it’s since been revealed that the pic’s just a teaser for an eventual About page on Psychonauts. The image on the site has been fully-colourised to reflect this. Boo. I would say that Double Fine probably shouldn’t have stuck a mysteriously darkened image on a page previously only containing a link to a press release about an upcoming game, however.

(Tinfoil hat)Either that it or it was a secret experiment to gauge interest in another Psychonauts game…(/Tinfoil hat)


  1. drunkymonkey says:

    Mmm, I’m also peeved at the console-only decision that Brutal Legend is taking.

    I saw that the other day, and thought little of it…but now I’m curious. A sequel would rock, but it’ll probably end up being a remake or something similar.

  2. Schadenfreude says:

    The first game did end on a suquel-tastic note though. They were certainly thinking about it.

  3. Feet says:

    I never saw the ending. That last level…. >_

  4. drunkymonkey says:

    Do they have the budget for a sequel though, Schaden? Would anyone trust it to do well?

  5. paketep says:

    And given that it was PC gamers that put him where he is.

  6. PB says:

    I get the feeling that by coming soon they just mean that the psychonauts project page is coming soon (based on the fact that the doublefine website doesn’t have a [past]games section). So it’ll just contain info about the first psychonauts

  7. drunkymonkey says:

    If that the case, PB, wouldn’t the image be a bit less mysterious? I can’t see why they’d want to create ambiguity on a product page.

  8. Bet says:

    Can Tim Schafer get Erik Wolpaw to write the story with him again? That combo of humor is most definitely why I found Psychonauts enjoyable in the slightest…and I ended up finding it more than slightly enjoyable. More like ‘Why did I wait until 2007 to play this?? At least GameTap is recording stats of my intense playing whoo!’

    Erik’s genius must not be contained solely by Valve! Their games do not warrant a monopoly on such humor! If there is any justice in the universe, somehow Erik and Chet will both find themselves on the writing staff for a Psychonauts sequel. And maybe credited as Old Man Murray.

  9. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    To be honest, I’d rather Tim Schafer and his team continue developing more original titles than get bogged down with sequels. I’m sure I’ve read Schafer making statements to that effect as well at some point, so I’m inclined to believe that (if indeed it is a new project) it’ll just be a port to the handhelds and the Wii or somesuch.

  10. Kieron Gillen says:

    Wii version?


  11. PB says:

    I agree Drunkymonkey… I find it rather confusing as well. But in light of DoubleFine recently announcing brutal legend, I don’t think they’d overshadow or diminish that announcement with one of a new (or new platform) version of pyschonauts. I also figured that because they don’t already have a page that describes psyhonauts as one of their past games this would be it.

    as for the cryptic “COMING SOON”, I think that fading out the background and adding a coming soon, while rather ambiguous, could very well just be a simple design decision to say “we know that you know the art of psychonauts, we’ll just darken it to make the coming soon stand out a bit more”

  12. Kast says:

    So it’s probably nothing but it might be something. We don’t know what it might be.

    The only thing we do know is that something else isn’t even being made for us. Which isn’t even being made for the Wii, the only console I have.

    Just bally wonderful.

  13. Nick says:

    I dislike this trend of ditching the PC – there is plenty of piracy on the consoles so that is a flimsy reason when given and most of the people switching to console focus would have nothing were it not for the PC (iD, Lucasarts..).

    It irks me no end and I don’t like it when I’m irked.

  14. Andrew says:

    Psychonauts retrospective YES.

    Although I’d have expected John Walker to the be the retrospecter. Or whatever.

    And I’m just holding out for a PC version of Brütal Legend. Otherwise I really will have to steal a 360.

  15. Willem says:

    You guys totally fail. It’s just going to be a section of the site dedicated to the first Psychonauts. I totally spotted the banner the second it came up and posted it on the official forums. They shattered my dreams quickly. :(

    So, yeah, Brütal Legend for the PC damnit!

  16. BigJKO says:

    “the truth is we are just putting together a new page about ‘The Excellent Game Psychonauts.’ We’re not announcing any new games or anything. Sorry if we confused anybody! We lightened up the image to hopefully make things clearer.” – Tim Schafer to Next-Gen.

  17. The_B says:

    Ooooh. This could be good news.

    What? No PC version? I’ve always hated you, Double Fine! Now I know why.

    Please, no hate. No one ever said there WASN’T going to be a PC version.”

  18. Solario says:

    Awww. Hopes=dashed.

    And yeah, Schafer has never been big on sequels, so it’s not really a surprise. And the story felt pretty… done. But still. Would have been nice.

    Of course what I would really love is another game in the Grim Fandango universe.

  19. psychonauts fan says:

    why not make a seqeal
    u set it up for 1 what happens after his dad finds him
    he found out his dads had many enemies what if u make a sequel were he fights his enemies has lili stolen again but much harder and more upgrades and more powers like head explosion
    we all want it exept stupid people who does not know when a sequel

  20. psychonauts fan says:

    only supid people dont know a seqeal when they see one needed

  21. P.S.I says:

    Dude, the best game this year would HAVE to be Psychonauts 2! In any case, all it would need is new abilities, better telekinesis, and a longer storyline XD . If they could do that, I would be the happiest kid on Mother Earth (lol Earthbound game for teh win :P)

  22. P.S.I says:

    It felt like a cliff hanger in the first one at the end, having to rescue the girl’s dad (i forgot her name O_O). The second one could be about Raz getting older =P

  23. [-LoL-]Pvt-KittenClaw says:

    I must agree Solario, I would really like to see another Grim Fandago sequel. If he must make another Psychonauts, what about a sequel taking place at the SAME EVENTS in the generals mind, or play as a different character, etc etc.

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