Game Giveaway

This is kind of interesting. It’s a gaming subsection for a site that gives away a free piece of software every 24-hours. They’re not giving away Elder Scrolls games or anything, but there’s some fun stuff on there nonetheless. Plenty of puzzle games and minor platform games and shooters to try out. It’s probably worth keeping an eye out to see what they come up with. I see we missed them giving away Jets ‘N’ Guns last week. Bah.

Anyway, today’s game is Alawar‘s Arctic Quest, a kind of grid-based jigsaw-against-the-clock game. It’s okay, ‘spose.


  1. malkav11 says:

    Mostly not terribly notable stuff, yeah. But Jets and Guns has been on more than once, and they had Zombie Smashers X2 at one point, which was easily worth the $20 I’d paid earlier. And a few other such things.

  2. F'yth says:

    Ah yes, Jets and Guns is pretty darn fun, I played it twice and I usually hate those kind of games.

    They’ve had all kinds of stuff on there, ranging from puzzle games to top view alien shooters to a tower defense game.

  3. zombie smashers says:

    […] includes garbage cans, katanas, tuna, uzis and super-powerful magical techniques like slow time …Game Giveaway | Rock, Paper, ShotgunThis is kind of interesting. It's a gaming subsection for a site that gives away a free piece of […]