Juiced 2 Demo

The PC demo for popular racing sequel Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights is now available. It’s funny that there’s been so much noise about this, because I seem to recall the original Juiced being, well, a bit rubbish. Most people were pleased that it survived the desctruction of Acclaim, but no one would have stood up and said “Juiced really is one of my favourite racing games, yes sir. Let’s have another.”

Half Max Power-car showdown, half RPG-racer career thing, it was all… uninspired. The handling of the racing wasn’t too hot either. That hasn’t stopped Juiced 2 from selling mysteriously large numbers over in the land of console gaming. It’s shinier, to be sure, but this is a very similar calibre of game the second time around. I imagine it has either sold more because everyone really did like that refreshed powerslide handling, or we Britons are simply obsessed with racing unrealistically shiny hatchbacks around contrived urban environments. Sorry, I came over all cynical there. It’s just been a while since a racing game really gripped me, I suppose.


  1. Ghiest says:

    PGR4 and Forza2 are far far superior. Nuff said really (and I like my racers … allot :P).

  2. xhupf says:

    its absolute gash… a poor mans NFS, in fact a poor man wouldn’t play this he’d stab his eyes out

  3. Monkfish says:

    I like racing games and I like cars, but I just don’t get the whole Max Power/Juiced/urban racing thing.

    The music (oh God no, the MUSIC), the garish colours and Vauxhall Corsas with what look to be baked bean tins sticking out the back where the exhaust should be. That’s all this game shouts to me.

    Nope, I’m most definitely not in the target demographic for this game – grumpy old fuddy duddy that I am… Now where did I put my pipe and slippers?

  4. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    I enjoy the concept of racing videogames. I enjoy the concept of sitting (not really sitting it in, but you get me) inside some hyperstylishomygodisthisalamborghini or whatnot. I even enjoy the concept of some brutal or unfair racing where you need to time most of the laps right. But I’ve yet to enjoy actually playing these games.

    Can anyone recomend a racing videogame which will grab me by the balls and make sweet, tender love with them?

    Oh and by the way – congrats for the new, stylish layout of RPS ;)

  5. Alec Meer says:

    I really, really like Test Drive Unlimited (though I believe there’s some tech problems with the online side). The racing’s unremarkable, but the huge, open island and money collection element means it really nails the pleasure of ludicrously expensive car ownership.

  6. aitb says:

    full was released but i don’t play

    link to diensa.blogspot.com