Via Indygamer, I see that Cactus Software have a new game out. It’s a scrolling shooter, and a little less imaginative than some of their previous games, but it nevertheless errs on the side of excellent esoterica. The visuals mix retro-polygonal abstract techno shooter stuff with, well, Cyrillic text and celluloid film-grain processing. I also like that you can turn the subtitles to the (presumably Russian?) text on and off. There’s a direct download link here.

Press enter during the game for instructions – and you’ll need to read them as the mixture of charge shot and shield controls make this a tricky but focusing shmup. Having ignored the instructions and guessed at the keys, it took me maybe four goes to clear the first couple of sections. But who ever reads those things, eh?

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  1. Zing! says:

    This totally crashes when I try to run it. I double-click. Takes a while, then error. No idea why. Anyone else have this happen/know a solution? I’ve not found any support/forums with any info so far…and I’d really like to try this. :)