Strafe Left: The Formative Years

Ask a reader of the British version of PC GAMER what their favourite part of the magazine is and chances are they’ll reply “The incisive, witty, reviews.”. Ask them again in a slow, deliberate, Christopher Walken kind of voice, and they usually respond with a squeaky “The features? The g-g-g-games culture section?”. Ask them a third time while frothing at the mouth and repeatedly stabbing a large hunting knife into a copy of the mag open at page 21, and they almost always answer “The cartoon! Strafe Left! Yes. That is my favourite part of the magazine.”.

Some fascinating Strafe Left facts…

*SL has been running for over four years.
*SL is always delivered long before deadline.
*The creator’s tool of choice is a rod of kiln-fired graphite sheathed in a sleeve of sun-ripened cedar.
*In June of 2004 an SL depicting Jesus and Mohammed as vortigaunts caused riots in parts of Xen.
*One old and cruelly-resized SL will be appearing on RPS every weekend from now on.


  1. drunkymonkey says:

    Yay for that announcement. I always enjoyed SL. The design of the characters themselves are quite fun.

  2. Theory says:

    This is good. Yes.

  3. bluespacetiger says:

    Who wrote the first ever strafe left?

  4. Evo says:

    This is good news :)

  5. Arathain says:


  6. Andrew says:

    As long as we get the Thief 3 arrows one, I’m happy.

  7. Watcher95 says:

    I have been waiting with baited breath for the Strafe Left Animated Series.

    Any news?

  8. Nick says:

    Strafe left is (and has been) one of my favourite parts of PCGamer since it’s creation. So yay.

  9. MPK says:

    I read that as sun-ripened cider.

    Still works tbh.

  10. Jim Rossignol says:

    The best part of any magazine.

  11. Alistair says:

    I think Strafe Left is excellent. Do it once a month and make it funny. It’s a great recipe.

  12. Inflatable Moron says:

    The mini-map Strafe Left was one of the most suprising things ive ever seen in PC Gamer. You are Awesome Mr Stone.

  13. dartt says:

    I love Strafe Left! Thanks Tim!

  14. Seniath says:

    Yay. More online comics to look forward to :D

  15. fearian says:

    I love strafe left, just a bit more than I loved this post! made me laugh :)

  16. Frosty840 says:

    Tim Stone is enormously awesome and talented, and you should all be grateful to have him.
    Sort of thing.

  17. Eschatos says:

    Are the comics posted online, or do I have to subscribe to British PC gamer to see them?

  18. Daedalus says:

    @Eschatos: “One old and cruelly-resized SL will be appearing on RPS every weekend from now on”, so yes they’re online but they’re old ones (but if it’s up every weekend they should catch up eventually)

    Another ‘Yay!’ from me, I don’t have to scan the magazines now like I started to and then stopped because it was too much hassle.