Knytt No More

Some sad news. Not like, someone’s dead sad. But sad if you like tiny little platform games made of loveliness.


Nifflas, creator of Within A Deep Forest, Knytt and Knytt Stories, has announced (on Saturday, but I was too busy becoming 30 to notice then) that Knytt Experiment is no more, and he’ll not be releasing the promised Knytt Stories add-on pack either.

He explains in a forum post that the combination of pressure to like his own work, and the pressure to be successful after the popularity of Knytt Stories, meant he wasn’t able to enjoy creating them any more. It’s not all bad though – it seems there will be future Nifflas games, but when they appear will have to be a pleasant surprise. He concludes:

“Sorry about all this. I can only blame myself – I just don’t understand how I could let the pressure of creating successful games take away the personality from my current projects. I’ll definitely have to think things over to get my inspiration back. The solution is probably to start a new project on my own – just something I like to do without any intentions to be successful. Something without any previews, screen shots, or betas before the release.”


  1. Matthew Williamson says:

    Actually, he releases the add-on at the end of the thread.

  2. wiper says:

    Oh, that really is sad. Though not as sad as when I skim read the opening of this article and thought for one horrifying moment that Nifflas had died. Which would have sucked even more.

  3. Bozzley says:

    Happy birthday for saturday, John. I turned 30 on that very day too, oddly enough. I even got a Weighted Companion Cube cake. Broke my heart to cut it into pieces, but at least I didn’t throw every piece into a fire.

  4. Horican says:

    niffles decided to release what he had already finished anyway: link to

  5. josh g. says:

    If he’s dropping this because it feels stale to him and he wants to rediscover his inspiration, there’s probably no reason to feel sad. On the contrary, he’ll probably surprise us with something wonderful again in the future.

  6. Acosta says:

    I think there is a message here about the nature of developing games and the pass from doing a game for joy to doing a game for people that are waiting for it.

  7. Kieron Gillen says:

    I don’t think it’s just games – it’s pretty much any creative endeavour.


  8. fearian says:

    :( one of my favorite little indie games, great atmosphere.

    theres still community levels though!

  9. Soron says:

    Nifflas added the pack it’s free.
    Ke is being worked on by the level editors and the beta testers.
    He is currently making a game called Nightgame.
    I hope it will need testing soon.

    Soron the betatester

  10. Meatloaf says:

    Oh dear. I haven’t played Knytt, but I did enjoy WaDF very much.