Soulstorm Trailer

The most recent Dawn of War expansion now has a gameplay trailer, feature lots of gory, shooty action from those pernicious Dark Eldar. It’s the briefest of orchestrally-soundtracked showpieces, but I have to admit it’s already got me eyeing the Dawn Of War discs on my shelf, sitting as they are (in some odd twist of accidental organisation) between Star Wars Empire At War and Company Of Heroes. And no, my games aren’t cataloged by degrees of genre, they’re cataloged between shelf, desk, floor and occasionally, bin.


Thanks, Game Trailers! Thanks.

Are y’all still excited about Dawn Of War, or is it time to move on? And would a 40k MMO have been a whole lot more interesting than Warhammer Fantasy? (Clue: it would.)

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  1. Mouj says:

    Was playing Dark Crusade just yesterday evening, joyfully bringing death and destruction to planet Kronus with the Necrons, wondering how it would feel to play against Genestealers.. oh, I wish !

  2. F'yth says:

    Warhammer Fantasy is just another swords bows and magic MMO in my book. A 40k MMO would have been a hundred times more cool.

    While I would much prefer it if Dawn of War were at an Epic scale, I’ll play whatever 40k games I can get.

    Anyway, those scorpion-like things in the dark space elf army sure look cool!

  3. bob_arctor says:

    Out of interest anyone hear the end of PM on Friday I think it was discussing the Golden Joysticks with the makers of GoW.
    The most uninformed interview ever. Radio 4 would have prefered BioShock.

  4. Seniath says:

    Not only did I see Hoverboards, I saw hoverboards that fired lasers. Awesomeness incarnate? Also, mm purpley.

  5. Kieron Gillen says:



  6. Ging says:

    A 40K MMO got announced earlier this year (around March from the looks of it) – at the rate the WH fantasy MMO is going, it might be out before it too.

  7. Alex Hopkinson says:

    Skulls for the skull throne!

    I was thinking of returning to my Dark Crusade campaign just the other day, but the end of the year gaming onslaught is totally burying me. I look forward to Dawn Of War being able to slide back into my New Games pile when the expansion arrives though. Whilst a sequel would be great (moving the focus either in to squad-based or out to Epic), DoW itself is still plenty exciting.

  8. Andrew says:

    A Dawn of War sequel using the CoH engine would be lovely. Very lovely indeed.

    I’m sure I’ll get Soulstorm, though.

  9. Jim Rossignol says:

    Ah yes, I’d forgotten all about the THQ MMO stuff.

    Dear THQ, please hire RPS to develop your 40k MMO. Thanks!

  10. MPK says:

    A 40K MMO where you controlled a small squad of Marines/Orks/Elves
    Eldar would be braw. Since it’s a future where there IS ONLY WAR it’d make sense to join the massed hordes of weapon wielding religious maniacs in groups of three or four.

  11. drunkymonkey says:

    I feel the warp overtaking me…IT IS A GOOD PAIN!

    One expansion pack too far, I reckon, but I’m still probably going to buy it – Relic are one of my favourite developers at the minute.

  12. Stew says:


    I first expanded CoH as City of Heroes.

    I need my new hard disk right the hell now so I can get back to gaming.

  13. Andrew says:

    I suppose with all the MMO talk that’s a fairly natural misunderstanding…

    I was, of course, talking about Relic’s newest RTS magnum opus.

  14. Alec Meer says:

    (Console heresy) There’s a demo of the 40K turn-based game for PSP available here. It’s kinda fun, in an X-COM lite-y way. (/Console heresy).

  15. leth says:

    I still don’t know why people haven’t created a 40K based tactical RPG (squad based like JA) yet. I mean that universe is just so full of interesting stories…

    I’d love to go explore one of those Eldar craft worlds, and witness the creation of Avatar. Or replay some of the “historical” events in 40.

  16. Shrike says:

    Please oh please THQ, let us have the Tyranids in DoW.

  17. finished_okami_a_while_ago says:

    I want to play an Inquisitor investigating a Cult in the bowels of a Hive City. And after I’Ve cleansed the Heretics with Chainsword and Bolter I want to visit the Space Wolves home planet of Fenris. Or fight alongside the Blood Angel’s Death Company.

    No, I want an MMO that takes place entirely during the Horus Heresy! Yes! I want to fight for Terra and stand in front of the Ultimate Gate and watch Sanguinius take on that Bloodthirster.

    No! I want to play one of Gaunt’s Ghosts, infiltrating Chaos temples alongside the Tanith First & Only.

    Or.. or… I want to be an Eldar Aspect Warrior, becoming a living embodiment of Death! Or.. or…

    No, I want to be an Ork Mechaniac, custom building orky cars and growing Squiggs on my head!!!

    Come to think of it, I’d make an Adeptus Sororitas as an Alt, because those gothic nun chicks with giant guns are sooo hot.

    Or maybe I could just be a dashing Rogue Trader, living my life on the fringe of imperial society, trading with aliens, allways on the lookout for the Inquisition..

    *sigh* I think, I just had a nerdgasm…

  18. Cian says:

    Chaos Gate was a pretty good 40k squad game.
    Let down by the fact you were Ultramarines.

  19. Andrew says:

    They’ve said a zillion times that they don’t think the DoW engine can do Tyranids justice, so don’t hold your breath.

  20. Andrew says:

    Another Andrew?! One must fall!

  21. Andrew Mayer says:

    I am the true Andrew!

    Bow down before me, or taste my BoltGun!

    I really enjoyed DOW. It’s the game that gotten me back into PC gaming.

  22. Sucram says:

    I have (far too) often thought that an Epic scale RTS set during the Horus Heresy would be rather nerdgastic.

  23. finished_okami_a_while_ago says:

    There was an Epic40K PC game in the late 90s called “Final Liberation”. It was a turn based game, featuring cheesy FMVs (that’s how you know it came out in the 90s….) and used the 3rd edition Epic rules..

    There’s even a ten year old Gamespot review of it:

    link to

  24. finished_okami_a_while_ago says:

    Damn.. I’m allways typing faster than I’m thinking.. Or was it the other way round?

    Anyway… I just remembered this nifty little site called Youtube, where kids upload all kind of movies and Lo and Behold! all the cheesy cutscenes are here for you to watch.

    Like this one:
    link to

    Nazis in Space! Hooray!

    Though I’ve allways thought, that Space Marines were a bit bigger. I guess they had problems finding 7′ tall genetically engineered super humans to play the role of Space Marine Commander for this clip..

  25. malkav11 says:

    Dawn of War is awesome, and I’m rather pleased that they’re expanding it out far enough to come reasonably close to covering the full range of 40K factions (something no other 40K game has ever done, despite a couple of them promising such things.). Absent, alas, Tyranids. Hopefully in Dawn of War 2.

    I still crave turn-based more-or-less-original-rules 40K games, though. Preferably involving more factions than just the Space Marines and antagonist of choice. (Chaos or Ork seeming to be the preferred options.) Squad Command looks hot, but falls into the aforementioned Space Marines + antagonist of choice trap. Probably won’t even let you play Chaos in the campaign.

  26. Raptornas says:

    Dark Eldar are clearly the coolest of the 40k races, this expansion better do them justice or else they will taste my agoniser.

  27. Ryan says:

    I love the Dark Eldar something fierce- they were my army of choice back in the olden days when I actually played 40k (rather poorly, but boy were my miniatures painted up all purty like)- but they desperately need more units if only for variety’s sake. Checking up on the GW website, I see they haven’t gotten anything new since their Codex was released immediately after the Third Edition rules. In that timespan there have been several new complete armies released, a steady stream of additional units for older factions, and for God’s sake even more Tau models. There is clearly some sort of bias at work here.

    I have to admit I’m tickled pink that the Dark Eldar color scheme they’re showing off is the Black Heart Kabal, same as my old tacklebox. And is that Asdrubael Vect I spy about halfway in?

  28. Ryan says:

    Also: I (and maybe a dozen other sad little nerds) will be ecstatic if we’re allowed to pick separate color schemes for Kabal troops and Wych cults.

  29. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    personally I always thought the dark eldar were pooh, but they DO sound good in this – the idea of getting resources per deaths on each side is pretty erotic.

  30. KingMob says:

    I’ve been looking for a reason to repurchase Dawn of War on Steam ever since I lent the original game to a 40k-playing friend and never got it back…

    Once I finally get it I look forward to playing through the singleplayer of all those expansions I missed, then getting to multiplayer and getting trounced just as I used to before I learned how to win in the original game…

    DoW is the first RTS I ever really got into, because the unit AI is reasonably good, the objectives make sense, etc. etc.

    About the MMO: I liked the look of Mythic’s Imperator before it got canceled just because it looked to be a 40K ripoff. If only there were preview screens and some idea of how the 40K MMO will play, I would buy into the idea immediately. Something about the grim-and-gritty science fiction/dark fantasy feeling of 40K, makes it the ‘ultimate adult adventure’… heh. Somehow fighting plague and decay on a thousand worlds seems more adult than bare breasts in a Conan MMO.

  31. pauliee says:

    omg i love dow the whole 40 k uiniverse is so cool and asome so many stories and tales