Crysis Crisis Deepens

Either Crytek are quietly trying to cause no end of hell for EA, or the wrong Crysis demo got released and there are a whole lot of panicking, screaming, crying German developers right now.

First, the script for the entire game was discovered lurking in the demo files. Then a simple config file edit activated supposedly DirectX 10 and Vista-only graphical effects in DirectX 9 and XP. And now, someone faffing about with the bundled level editor has managed to dump a load of good stuff from later in the game into the demo map and make it playable. To find out how, what, who and wither, you’ll have to read on…

What’s in there? Guns. Lots of guns – the game’s entire repertoire (as well as an impressive selection of various explosives), it appears. Tanks, boats, assorted military vehicles and ridiculously powerful helicopters (which handle a little like Battlefield’s, and are hilarious overkill against the still popgun-armed Korean dudes). And one of the much-mooted aliens. If you want an early taste of what these flying tentacle laser-horrors are like to fight, and how the game’s human NPCs react to them, this’ll do it. Oops.

You want ‘demofunmap #5’ from here, the work of canny German modder siLe`. Extract the level.pak file and dump it into C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis SP Demo\Game\Levels\island. Either overwrite the exisiting level.pak in there, or rename it to something with a different extension (e.g. .old) if you don’t wanna have to reinstall the demo later.

Then, start a new game in the demo (yes, you’ll have to do the cutscene’n’parachtute drop hoopla again) – be warned that apparently it only works on the Normal difficultly setting – and keep playing until the bit where you find your mate all Predatored up in the trees. Start following the objective arrow, and you’ll soon find a table full of a goodies, and an angry alien in the skies. Just beyond the table is an enemy encampment, and a short run to the left of that is vehicle and many-gun heaven. Clearly, this may spoil some of the full game for you. But in the relatively open environment of the demo’s island map, it allows for mega-playtime. Be warned that approaching the centre of the map in a chopper triggers the final cutscene and ends the demo, though.

Thanks to Gestalt for pointing this out, and apologies for not noticing sooner.


  1. Omega Nexus says:

    well arunhill you arent alone.. i just got black screens allover the fucking place.. anybody have a fix for that? ill try “running as admin” now… 5 mins later: ok.. that doesnt work.. some one please get a fix fer this ty! XD

  2. AzuranZara says:

    Damn thx for the heads up. I’m definitely taking another look at Crysis Demo (*before my game comes in the mail). The idea of stalking Koreans in a heli comes to mind ^^z

  3. Arunhil says:

    Ok, finally got rid of the dreaded black screen. Although my laptop has only just been released (XPS 1730) and Nvidia don’t have drivers on their site for the cards, they suggest you get them directly from Dell. Turns out that Dell has indeed released a new driver and guess what, it worked! Finally got to check out Crysis and I can confirm that it is a visual feast. I very much look forward to getting the full release.

  4. shaun says:

    heli cntrols for full game are
    w forward
    s back
    a left
    d right
    q&e roll
    space up
    ctrl down
    left shift afterburner

  5. Nemo says:


  6. Nemo says:

    can someone post a video of them actually going to the weapons place from the beginning? And maybe actually installing the mod? I’m totally lost…

  7. Nemo says:

    GAH someone please help
    I extracted level.pak to the island folder
    backed up the original
    started a new game on normal difficulty

    The weird thing is, there are some changes to the game, like enemies spawning in different places and some enemies having a high powered rifle instead of the normal rifle…but no alien, and no extra island!

    I don’t think I extracted it wrong, because there’s still SOME stuff…and I don’t think that I downloaded the wrong thing either.
    Grr…nobody ever makes these instructions idiot-proof

    sorry for triple post

  8. woop says:

    i aint buying the game so it would seem sensible to mess around now

  9. crysis>_ says:

    hey guys! so I dont really understand what I have to do in order to get all of the weapons. So I dowloaded the demo and have worn it out already after 2 days of messing around with blowing up the huts and now i want more!
    so what is demofunmap 5? where can I find it? does the demo come with demomap 4? and what files do i move once i have map 5?

  10. crysis>_ says:

    ok so there is a link to link to for the demomap #5 but where on the page do you install it??? its all in french! and when i click on the link it just takes me to the top of the page!

  11. Freezy says:

    I have windows vista and it works perfectly on my computer.
    (soz for the bad english.)

  12. Name (required) says:

    lol i got full game, u guys sux!!

    only kiddin, dont really, got demo, (please dont hurt me :(
    good job with the mod

  13. dcrysis says:

    I had my computer hard drive reformatted (no partitions) and placed XP on it. I have “Crysis” and tried to install but when it goes through the installation it tells me it can’t find Animations.pak file. I looked for it and found it. Why can’t it read it during installation ?

    Any help would be appreciated. Peace

  14. kronie says:

    wish i never played this mod T_T now i spoiled the whole game!

  15. I need help! says:

    i dont get theese instructions!!! please telll me how and i’ll make a utube shotout for you and put a shoutout 4 u on my site

  16. Lilo says:

    the 3D is awesome !!

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