Need For Speed: Prostreet Demo

Hello you. The demo for the latest Need For Speed game (and I believe that makes it the thirteenth unique Need For Speed game?) is now available, at a data-weight of 795mb. Here it is doing it speedy, waxed-car, wheel-spinning stuff:

It was my intention to pen some demo impressions and discuss whether Need For Speed’s reinvention in the post-GT world has faltered, or continue at its previously commendable pace. Unfortunately, this demo seems to have taken exception to some nuance of my hardware configuration and decided to run at under 10fps, no matter how low I push the settings. So, racing readers – assuming the game works on your PC – is there still a Need For Speed?


  1. derFeef says:

    The Demo runs like Crap on my PC also. The cars feel like heavy tanks and you dont get any feel of weight and speed, terrible…

  2. Anach says:

    The demo runs perfectly fine for me, full detail, although it only allows 4x AA max.

    The demo itself is certainly lacking however. You get a short two lap race and a fast point to point race, both are over before you blink and you dont get to see any of the car customization options, nor do you get to choose your car.

    The controls are a lot better, and more believable than the last several incarnations, but still on the side of arcade racer . The cars feel a little too bouncy and light (in fact one of the cars was actually bouncing as it sat stationary).

    Damage was very nice, but seems mostly limited to the lower portions of the car. I rolled the car on the point to point race, and being “totalled” in the game seems to consist of losing most the panels and a few little pebble dents on the roof.

    I’ll try not to let the demo taint my desire to get the full game. I live in hope that one day there will be a Gran Turismo clone on PC (except with damage), which wont require me buying a console system or a new TV.

  3. Del Boy says:

    I spend every waking moment praying that there won’t be a Gran Turismo clone on the PC.

  4. Nuyan says:

    It ran alright on my computer too. I don’t like NFS, I don’t like the whole “pro” and “underground” stuff, I don’t like EA and I really don’t like the menu’s in this game. All that blinking stuff would give me a head-ache after a while.

    I do think it was quite realistic. Had problems staying on the road in that first race on full speed. And cars having damage is alright too. Ah well, not a game for me though. I don’t even like race-games. I do however still have the old NFS games in my heart. NFS2 was awesome, played it so much.