Pac-Text Om Nom Nom

Well this is the best idea ever.

Someone has converted Pac-Man to a text adventure.

examine ghost

Which is the perfect way to end a harrowing day of no internets. Try to imagine it – from the moment I woke up to the evening, no connection to the outside world beyond a clockwork telephone. Frenzied attempts to set up yoghurt pots tied to string between my house and every other home and business in the world were quickly abandoned after too many peach melbas made my tummy hurt, leaving me to struggle on in a world without access to Wikipedia, Homestar Runner and Google Image Search. But I’m back, and to celebrate I’m playing a text version of Pac-Man – what a confusing mix of retroey goodness.

And why? Creator ‘RicMoo’ explains:

Wth?! Why would anyone invest the time and effort to build such a useless game?
Well, I had just got back from a party where the concept of a Pac-Man + Zork hybrid came up as a joke. So, being 2am with a little alcohol in my system, I thought it’d be funny to code it up (as far as I could before collapsing). So, a couple hours later it was looking complete-ish (minus the ghosts’ AIs and graphic assets). The next morning [read: aftenoon] when I woke up, since I have an inability to realize sunk costs, I decided to throw some crappy AI in for the ghosts, put a few graphics on it (courtesy of and voila! A domain name purchase or two later, and here we go.

Here’s a spoiler snippet:

> forward
You have moved.

> eat
You have eaten another glowing dot!

> forward
You have moved.

> eat
You have eaten another glowing dot!


  1. drunkymonkey says:

    Sorry to hear about your loss, John. And welcome back.

    Sounds like the purest form of text adventure to me.

  2. Arathain says:

    It’s… um… pure. You’re right there. I bit a ghost.

  3. Pod says:

    There’s an auto-eat feature, y’know!
    Don’t ask me how you turn it on, I don’t know. But it’s there (I’ve been told).

  4. FaceOmeter says:

    well i was gonna play it, john, but after that spoiler you posted at the end there it’s just completely ruined for me, i mean GOD

  5. Andrew Mayer says:

    I’m going to wait 20 years for the Championship Edition.

  6. Evo says:

    Hmmm…intriguing I must say!

  7. Ash says:

    Once again, this website proves itself to be the most important place in the internet. Well done.