Crysis Release Moves Forward

So when is Crysis coming out?


On Friday, those who had pre-ordered were emailed to let them know pre-loading was beginning on EA’s online Store. It seemed to suggest the game would be unlocked on November 9th – a full week early. Well, that hasn’t happened, and if you visit the Crysis site it states that the unlock will take place on Wednesday 14th. Which is still a couple of days earlier than expected.

The decision to bring the release forward is either extremely fortunate, or advanced damage control, with the full game having leaked, and appearing on file sharing sites today. This isn’t the best news for EA Store, which already makes the rather unfortunate decision to charge customers for the right to maintain their purchased downloads from the site after six months, in what would seem a backward step from buying a boxed copy.

But, the good news is: Crysis two days early!


  1. Seniath says:

    This isn’t the best news for EA Store, which already makes the rather unfortunate decision to charge customers for the right to maintain their purchased downloads from the site after six months, in what would seem a backward step from buying a boxed copy.”

    Wait, let me get this straight. 6 months after you first purchase the game, they charge you again? Or am I just misreading that statement?

  2. roBurky says:

    When you buy the download version, you have access to the download for six months. The game will still work after six months, but you can’t download and install it again, unless you paid extra.
    For those used to the convenience of Steam, the ea store is a horrifying perversion.

  3. bob had says:

    Or you could just download it from torrents, it is up now.

  4. lowmagnet says:

    Wow, that is a compete failure of convenience. It’s not like you individually paid for the bits in question, and it’s kept on a shelf for you.

  5. Brant says:

    I’d spend some time coming up with a witty remark about how dumb that idea is, but the truth is I just don’t care about the EA Store enough to bother. I’ll be buying my games on Steam, thanks.

  6. Seniath says:

    By the gods. That’s just…wow.

  7. Thomas says:

    As far as i’ve been told as well, when you purchase a title through the EA Store for download, and you then extend the 6 months to 24 months(costs 6$), then after those 24 months, you’ll be unable to extend it again.

    Meaning after 6 months you have to pay 6$, and after 24 months you have to buy the game again.

    Granted i did only hear that from people and not EA themselves, but it doesn’t matter much as the download limit itself is stupid to begin with.

    I must say though, if it really is an answer to the leak it’s the first time i’ve seen a company actively respond against piracy in this way, i just hope it benefits retail users as well.

  8. Nick says:

    The EA store was a joke from it’s inception, it barely worked (for all I know it’s still broken) and was rather ugly and clearly a pathetic attempt at a Steam clone. The 6 month thing, is that a recent developement? I don’t recall reading about it when I bought one of the (waste of money, utterly useless and never played online) booster packs for BF2.

  9. Thomas says:

    Nick, in the beginning (EA Link) there was no limit, when they a couple of week ago changed to EA Store using the EA Downloader they changed this policy.

    So now you have 6 months, extendable to 2 years, and apparently, but not confirmed, no other recourse but repurchasing the game after the 2 year period in case you lose the download.

  10. Nick says:

    Does it effect new purchases only or prior to the change as well? Not that I’m ever buying or re-downloading anything with it again, piece of crap that it is.

  11. Thomas says:

    Well according to the Wikipedia article it says that EA Link customers prior to EA Store will keep their downloads.

    link to

  12. Piratepete says:

    For all the naysayers who hate Steam I must say that I haven’t had a single issue with it. When HL2 came out I was playing 30mins after release time, and I have bought several games on Steam at a cheap price and have master copies backed up on DVD.

    Can’t see me touching the EA store with a poohey pole to be honest. I’ll get a boxed copy of Crysis (if I bother)

  13. po says:

    I got a boxed copy of HL2 back in 2004, but got sick of having to wait at least 5 minutes for steam to do it’s business just to play, so I cracked it and gave up on ever playing it online.

    I got the OB on steam recently though, as I moved house and couldn’t wait for my bank details to update for a delivery based order. Now I’m really impressed with steam, especially how fast their downloads are. I got the whole OB overnight and my connection was at full speed all the way. My steam account was still there from 2004, with my old copy of HL2 still available for download.

  14. Chis says:

    I can’t imagine the EA Store being up to Steam’s current standards. Which were troublesome (I’m being polite) in 2004, but having caved in and gave it another go this year to buy the Orange Box… it ran with no problems. I had OB within a couple of days.

    I will be buying Crysis though, but it’ll be a boxed copy.

  15. Nick says:

    Steam has improved a lot since it started. By the sounds of it EA link just got worse. No real surprise there though.

  16. po says:

    I’m really feeling the steamy love right now. I dug out my old HL1 cd and put the code in. Seems the bog standard £14.99 copy I got all those years ago is now counted as platinum pack, so I’m doing SFA while steam does all the work installing CS, DoD, Blue Shift, Opposing Force, Ricochet and TF classic, along with the HL and HL:DM I had.

  17. Mario Granger says:

    As much as I love Steam, the price of games over time drops much slower than their retail boxed equivalents. Beyond that though, Steam is great.

  18. Mario Granger says:

    Oh, and the biggest issue with Steam naysayers isnt an issue of its functionality, but of the control Valve has over the content you purchase.

    There was an issue just a few weeks ago where people were buying copies of the Orange Box from Asian retailers for much lower price points than if they were to purchase the game on the American dollar. Once Valve realized this, they invalidated the copies of those who bought the game from Asian retailers while on U.S. IP addresses.

    It strtkes many people as envasive, ang a ptetty big issue.

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