Crysis: Reviewed

Jungle-is massive. Ah, the old ones are the oldest.

Since Jim is away in the Big Apple this week, it falls upon me to post news of his review of Crysis going live over at Eurogamer. Jim likes it, in short. He says things like…

So Crysis is imperfect in a number of ways, but it’s nevertheless a stupendously solid game for the PC. It’s an FPS that exhibits some of the technological tricks we’ve been promised over the last few years while still offer a cogent, often thunderous, action-shooter experience.

Which make him sound like a real grown up reviewer, before going on about German Cars and having a nice little gibber. It also features an Editor nit-picking over details of Predator, which I always approve of. Go read and tell us if you’re excited or not and/or tell stories about your favourite eighties Arnie films.


  1. Garth says:

    Has anyone played this on a DX9 card?

    I’m curious how much of the immersive..ness of the game is lost suddenly.

  2. Thiefsie says:

    You can hack DX9 to get very very near dx10 quality if you have the power for it…

    Immersiveness isn’t too lost on dx9, there is less extreme (realistic) normal mapping for the textures (ie: pebbles) and less volumetric lighting (god-rays) but otherwise it is pretty close.

    Multiplayer is where there is a bigger difference though as in DX9 most of the physics are disabled.

    Nice review, it confirms pretty much spot-on what I expected from the game; a polished technical romp through an island (and snow-bound) paradise that doesn’t quite go all the way with alien wonder, but is fantastic nonetheless.


  3. muscrat says:

    Is it possible to unlock DX10 options while using XP, as done with the Crysis demo?

    Im more partial to the GameSpot review though.

  4. Monkfish says:

    The game can still look very tasty on DX9 cards less mighty than the Nvidia 8800 or ATI HD2900.

    The Shaders setting seems to make the most difference to both the performance and overall look of the game. You can view some screenshots showing the effect that this particular setting has at the top of this page of TweakGuides’ Crysis guide.

    Anyway, the review was great – looking forward to playing the full game on Friday when it pops through the letterbox. In the meantime, I’ll carry on messing around with the Sandbox editor. As Jim says, it really is absurdly easy to use, and is almost as much fun as the game itself…

  5. Rob Beschizza says:

    The big problem with Crysis is, of course, that it is an incomplete and wayward implementation of Predator.

    Someone must remedy this at once.

  6. datter says:

    ^ I’d be more partial to Gamespot as well if they didn’t suck so mightily. Eurogamer is far better.

  7. Monkfish says:

    That Gamespot review was hard work to go through, as it was jam-packed with hyperbole. It was almost completely devoid of criticism, constructive or otherwise, which tends to put me off. I watched the video review, too, and I thought the poor chap was going to explode.

    Interestingly, the review at 1Up is the antithesis of Gamespot’s, composing almost entirely of criticism.

  8. muscrat says:

    Hehehe true, though imagine PC gamers… 98%…

  9. Kieron Gillen says:

    PCGUS, I stress.

    The 1UP comment thread is fascinating. Take this guy.



  10. Cruz says:

    That 1UP “review” brought the lulz.

    Well written review who’s sentiment I share. These days, I may be looking for somewhat of a more cinematic delivery of my games (this might be a phase), and the pacing of Crysis was so uneven that I’m more apt to play through CoD4 again.

  11. Tr00jg says:

    Interesting tags…

  12. Chris R says:

    @Cruz: I must say that I completely disagree with you about COD4 and Crysis. I hate how CoD4 feels so linear to me… even more than CoD2 did. It feels like I’m being lead around by nose at ever turn: “Go here, ok do this, now jump over here and do that… DO IT!! Good boy. Now back this way, THIS WAY damnit! You FAIL!” I got pissed off after a while at not being able to bust down a door and come around to flank the enemy. When I can see the leash or cage (read as: limits) of a game, I get frustrated.

    Crysis gives me the complete freedom (within limits obviously, but compared to CoD4… it’s complete freedom) to take out my objectives anyway I want to.

    To me, Crysis honestly feels like a GTA game. I like “sandbox” games where the game introduces you to the world, gives you some initial objectives, and then basically says, “All right, that’s all you need to know, piss off and go have fun.” GTA and Oblivion were like this in my opinion. I don’t like to be held by the hand and forced down one alley way, then another, all for the sake of “cinematic delivery.”

    The video review at was right on about the game. Is Crysis perfect? No. But it comes pretty damn close.

  13. Cruz says:

    No argument here (like I said, it might be a phase), but a linear game does fit the ‘cinematic” comparison, doesn’t it? There isn’t such a thing as a ‘sandbox’ film, and what I’m after is that sort of set narrative.

    Perhaps cinematic might have been the wrong choice of word.

  14. Chris R says:


    I should have mentioned that I know where you’re coming from, and your statement about “no such thing as a ‘sandbox’ film’ is absolutely correct.

    In order to have the player experience what CoD4 is trying to do, I don’t think there is any other way honestly [than to make the game be linear]… it’s a shame really. CoD4 is a great game, I just find myself wishing I had a *little* more freedom to tackle my foes.

    Also, as a side note, I have friends that love the GTA series and the freedom they present (myself included), but there are also friends that didn’t find the game fun because there was *too much* freedom. Sure, there were a handful of objectives that pointed them in the right direction, but because they were not forced to seek out the objectives, they drove around the city for a while and then got bored.

    It really is a fine balance between freedom, and too much freedom.

  15. Solario says:

    Here’s a question from someone who, while impressed by the graphics etc. felt pretty bored by the gameplay and the story in the demo, does it get any better? Or is it just a regular killing wankfest without any actual interesting bits?

  16. Chris R says:


    The gameplay can be whatever you want it to be really. I love playing Crysis like a Thief game. I’ll set a few traps up, pop out of invis and get the enemies attention. Once they notice me and start firing in my direction, I’ll run back into the jungle, luring them after me into my traps (C4 placed here and there, claymore mines, etc). After taking out the majority of the guys that followed me into the jungle, I’ll then switch to attack mode and start picking them off one by one, “Predator” style, using my invisibility to get in close without them noticing.

    To me this is an endless source of amusement and fun… you might be bored to tears however.

    I think it basically comes down to whether or not you like the “sandbox” type of gameplay (Oblivion and GTA style). If you’d rather be set on a tight linear path like CoD4 and Bioshock with only one way to go, then you might not enjoy the freedom and openness of Crysis.

  17. Thiefsie says:

    I predominately play this as a stealth game, as on HARD it is still too easy to just cloak all the time and pick everyone off. Some hilarious moments were had by cloaking between two sentry guns though.

    The single player is not pulling any huge punches but is still a hell of a lot of fun to play with, (only up to the excavation)

    Some little niggly bugs are abound though.. chickens clipping through the floor, frogs being thrown into the infinite distance (give this a try – its quite funny), chickens not being able to be thrown any distance at all…

    But still nothing beats jumping onto a roof, the punching in the ceiling and pistolling the dude inside all without him knowing what hit him, oh and for double bonus points do it while holding another guy at the same time.

    I just got the SMG and love it a lot more than the default rifles!

    Why can you open fridges yet not lockers.. and why are some buildings destroyable and others that look exactly the same not? (boat buildings I think)… just little inconsistencies like this are what is letting it down for me, otherwise the sandbox nature is as fun as it always was, and great to muck around with.

  18. Thelps says:

    As someone who refused to play the demo, in order to get the full impact from the retail game (I have issues with demos, I always over-play them and kinda spoil the initial impact of the boxed game when I get to it), rest assured that all your words make these last few days wait EXCRUCIATING.

    …and yet, I can’t help but read more…

  19. Jim Rossignol says:

    Trust Gillen to pick a line from the review with a typo in. *Le sigh.*

  20. Chris R says:

    God DAMN the levels are so much fun! I could spend a whole day playing the same level over and over, attacking it from different angles and with different strategies.

    I think this is the first game where I’m not annoyed when I die, because re-loading means I can come at the base/fort/group of enemies from a different direction altogether and try something else.

    (I love placing some C4 in a house, causing a ruckus to lure over all the nearby guards, then blowing the whole place up along with 5 to 10+ guards, muhahaha.)

    Linear games (I’m looking at you CoD4) can piss right off. The “sandbox” nature of Crysis is exactly my cup o’ tea. mmmmmmm MMMMMMMMMMM May I have another?

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  22. Stan says:

    I play on DX9, an X1950 XTX. Plays ok i guess. I play with all the major visual effects turned up to hight and others on medium. Its the first game I’ve played where I can’t play max settings and get smooth frames. I get about 28 frames a second. At 1280 X 1024.

    This game kicks face btw.