Name That Tune

I’m reviewing Thrillville: Off The Rails for the lovely PC Gamer UK at the moment. Should you wish to know whether this theme park management jobbie’s worth the price of admission, you’ll have to read their next issue, for I am sworn (or at least politely asked) to silence until then. However, I stumbled across this happy surprise in one of its many crazed mini-games:

Yes, yes, enough about the terrifying giant robot kitten head – d’you recognise the music? If not, the answer lurks in the following invisi-text: It’s Monkey Island, you uneducated dolt. Now get out of my sight.

Oh, how it sings to my haggard soul. You can keep your bloody Still Alive. The reason for its shock appearance (completely at odds with the rest of the game’s soundtrack, which includes Lilly Allen, Avril Lavigne, Blur and a lot of pounding trance music) is that the game’s published by Lucasarts. Whether it’s a knowing nod to gaming heritage or was just lying around unclaimed in the Lucasian archives, I don’t know. Anyone from Lucasarts or developer Frontier reading this who can illuminate us? And that reminds me – we should probably do a shamelessly Digg-friendly ‘Best Game Theme Tunes Ever!’ feature at some point…


  1. Bobsy says:

    Mmmm. I’ve missed that music.

  2. The_B says:

    Speaking of themes, what the hell was that rap at the end of CoD4 all about? It’s close to Gears Of War for downright perversion of game samples over some sort of hip hop beat the kids are into these days…

  3. Kast says:

    *Wipes away a tear* Oh that’s a lovely treat on a cold winter’s afternoon :)

    For more of the same (just played on a real piano) check out the following video from w3sp. I believe it was featured in PCG ages back.

  4. Cyberpope says:

    Oh so good. Raise a lighter to the air for Monkey Island

  5. drunkymonkey says:

    Aww, it’s nice to see Monkey Island getting some loving in these torrid years (even if it might have been unintentional). That tune is still just as catchy as it was back then.

  6. Kast says:

    Oh. that’s good stuff. Rather light, though – could do with some heavier bass running behind the tune, providing a counterpoint.

    I’d love to hear a full orchestral arrangement for the MI theme. I can just imagine the rousing strings and booming brass…

  7. Thomas Lawrence says:

    All the music in the Monkey Island games was brilliant. Man, memories.

  8. Thomas Lawrence says:

    Also, it’s not full orchestration, but this video is pretty neat:

    Press Play on Tape play the Monkey Island Theme

  9. Monkfish says:

    I get goosebumps every time I hear that tune. :)

    Sounds like it’s a knowing nod, as other versions also get references to LucasArts’ back catalogue. Check out this preview of the DS version at GameSpy. There be mention of unlockable characters:

    For old-school LucasArts fans, the most exciting news about this version of the game will be the unlockable characters. …[slight snip]… Play well enough, and you’ll get the opportunity to control Manny Calavera, the main character from Grim Fandango, and LeChuck, the evil zombie-ghost-pirate from the Monkey Island series.

    Also, to help us indulge even further in our mini-celebration of this music, there’s a selection of fan-made remakes over at AmigaRemix.

  10. Leelad says:

    Want to play that purely for that run animation at the beginning


  11. Theory says:

    I was expecting NEDM. This was a pleasant surprise. :)

  12. Theory says:

    I’ve just realised that TF2 would be a brilliant base for a CMI mod.

  13. Dr Snofeld says:

    Right! I’m buying the DS version just so I can play as Manny Calavera!

  14. Frosty840 says:


  15. Mark says:

    That version was also in the original Thrillville. It was specifically used as the background music for the Pirate theme park area, but clearly it’s so good they used it throughout the rest of the game too.