Frontlines: Fuel Of War Trailer

I know quite a few of you have a fondness for the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942, and so you might already be following the upcoming THQ online shooter, Frontlines: Fuel Of War. Kaos Studios, the internal THQ development studio for Frontlines, is made up of much of the same team that created Desert Combat, before shenanigans went on with EA and DICE buying out the original studio around the time of Battlefield 2.

Anyway, Frontlines looks promising indeed, delivering a slightly-futuristic Battlefield styled game, with the focus on a frontline over which the battle is fought. Rather than spreading out across the map as other open-ended vehicular shooters are prone to do, Frontlines aims to keep the action in a single, moving corridor.

It also aims to provide lots and lots of military toys. Like the drones:

Thanks Game Trailers, and may all your spawns go uncamped.

After the amusements the Strogg drones caused in ETQW I’m looking forward to being an absolute bastard with these things in Frontlines. The game should, apparently, arrive around February 2008.


  1. Aldrenean says:

    That actually looks pretty sweet.
    Oh, and Wilhelm Scream ftw.

  2. Del Boy says:

    Where are your manners Jim?

    You haven’t even thanked Gametrailers!

  3. Ghiest says:

    Shame the game plays awefull really, I had the chance to beta test this with fileplanet. And to be frank it looked allot worst than games 5 years old and played so slowly it felt like a bad imitation of Battlefield series (same stupid point capture system too).

    Hopefully they have made some massive engine changes/art direction changes because when I played it, it looked rather boring as well.

  4. Hypocee says:

    To tell the truth, I’m getting worried about Frontlines. This vid led me to check out the more recent footage on GT, and…there are still enemy AI guys running out into the open to stand absolutely still and hose impervious armour with assault rifles. Most of the footage is being played on console crutches and you can see enemies’ reaction times have been cranked up to give time to wrestle that cursor near the target. Helicopters, the most iconic divergence between DC and BF2/2142/Eve of Destruction, have changed from the DC flight model to the slow, jerky piloting-a-submersible model demanded by people who have no business in a helicopter…and everything looks so static, everyone on the other side just stands still and there’s nobody pushing back. I know the Kaos team *can* create a great shooter, but I’m not sure they’ve been allowed to; I’m really starting to think this might be another casualty of casual cross-platform compromises.

  5. Jeremy says:

    To echo Del Boy, where are the thanks to Gametrailers?

    In other news, while the drones look fun, I’m a bit worried about the other gameplay. And if it’s meant for consoles too, it may have to be toned down so the controller guys can play.

  6. oryly says:

    Unfortunately, the best robots ever (the turrets from Portal) have already been created.

    On topic, the drones in this game seem to play EXACTLY like traditional FPS vehicles. The only difference is that they’re tiny.

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    Ooh, good point. GT thanked.

  8. JakethePirate says:

    It seems as though he’s controlling the drones with a PSP.

  9. Wickedashtray says:

    Ghiest, I hate to be the guy who parrots the same comment over and over but you were in a BETA. Do you understand what that entails? Frank Delise stated time and again that it is a TRUE beta and not some PR gimmick masking itself as a beta. The graphics aren’t being fully utilized and it requires a helluva lot of optimization but the gameplay is just functional enough to do some early balancing. It’s more an alpha IMO. You gotta take those things into account before you start making judgments and relating it to others who haven’t even been exposed to it yet.

  10. Stodge says:

    So the tiny drones can destroy tanks? Seems silly; why bother have tanks? Both sides should just equip themselves with drones. I’ll pass thanks.

  11. MisterBritish says:

    Those things look ridiculously overpowered, but I guess the other classes will get similarly powerful toys.

  12. Hypocee says:

    Yeah, I did like the part about ‘I played an evolution of Battlefield by a studio who got started making a Battlefield game and did lots of work on another Battlefield game then left to make an evolution of Battlefield and it was like Battlefield which I hate, 2/10’

  13. Ian says:

    I’m with Stodge on this one. I reckon getting your vehicles/self constantly blown to kingdom come by something the same size as a Flymo will get Very Tiresome Very Quickly.

  14. Hobbes says:

    Entirely irrelevant to the ‘good/not so much’ discussion, but go have a gander at this

    Apparently these guys are pretty prescient about what future tech may look like.

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