Ghostbusters Footage

Beep beep di beep — Ghostbusters news as it happens — beep di beep beep

Gameplay footage has appeared!

(Gaming Today, we’d be as nothing without you. (Who’d in turn be as nothing without G4TV. (Not to mention Mike for alerting us.)))

So there we go – it’s so much more than an announcement – it’s a game in development.

(Sorry to make you sit through The Loop, and indeed G4’s appalling stream servers)

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  1. Leelad says:

    Looks fantastic and possibly more needed in that format than a lightsaber simulator for the Wii.

    I had no problems with the streaming either, better than youtube normally works while sat here looking after linked bingo game racks.

  2. James Lyon says:

    I sure can’t wait to, er, “tug harder”.

  3. Mario Granger says:

    The mechanics for ghost capturing look great, although I’m worried about repitition. Game looks gorgeous though, with a great looking physics system.

    And I see ample opportunity for an Achievements system, with challenges like capturing a ghost with the least amount of damage to the surrounding environment.

  4. terry says:

    Perhaps they could have a “set fire to the maid’s cart of toilet roll” subgame.

  5. Dave Turbo says:

    There needs to be a verbal sparring subgame played as Peter Venkman VS Walter Peck?

    “Yes, it’s true… this man has no d*ck”

  6. MPK says: