Early Bus To SocioTown

New social MMO SocioTown is due to go into beta testing in the next month. You can sign up for the browser-based Shockwave beta here.

Clearly reminiscent of the more terrifying Second Life and There, it’s Facebook out of control, borrowing ideas of social networking to lure in the wider audience. Although with the name, it really should be a town of murderers and psychopaths. And who knows – perhaps it will be. Check out in-game footage below.


  1. Piratepete says:

    My mother in law (Sims, and Dolls House obsessed control freakery), would love this. However I find the lack of Zombies or indeed Pirates slightly disturbing.

    Note I say that fully in the knowledge that neither my wife nor her mum will read this.

    yay me

  2. Dr Snofeld says:

    That…doesn’t look all that terrible, actually.

  3. Feet says:

    Where are the guns and explosions? Not even any elves! I just don’t understand this at all.


    Yeah it does actually vaguely ok, though there’s plenty of these irritating 3D chatrooms knocking around already, I’d be interested to know if there’s any game involved here of if it’s just another one of those.

  4. Kieron Gillen says:

    I’m probably the only person who thinks Sociotown should be full of sociopaths.


  5. roBurky says:

    Those people are freakishly huge when walking around outside. They also have the scariest clapping animation ever.

    It must be the first 3D chat thing where you have to actually ask people’s name, though, which is interesting.

  6. roBurky says:

    No you’re not, Kieron.

  7. Kim says:

    That colour scheme is murder.

  8. The_B says:

    “I’m probably the only person who thinks Sociotown should be full of sociopaths.”

    I was going to make a quip about it being full of concrete walkways that want to kill you, but I… …I just did.

    And I would have thought that SocioCity would have been a far better game than SimCity Societies.

  9. Bob Arctor says:

    Sim sociopath would be awesome.

    I wanted Oblivion to be like that, but they tuned down the radiant AI sadly.

  10. John Walker says:

    “I’m probably the only person who thinks Sociotown should be full of sociopaths.”

    I’m going to suggest not, since I made that joke in the post.

  11. Jim Rossignol says:

    And who says it won’t be?

  12. Al says:

    Certainly, if every RPS reader and writer joins up, it’ll be halfway there.

    The mid-street clothes changing cubicle seemed a little odd, if useful.

  13. Piratepete says:

    ooh Jim and john are gonna duke it out!

  14. The_B says:

    I think it’s going to be a bloody Battle of the Beards between John and Kieron actually, Jim’s just going to be a less than innocent bystander, throwing random weapons into the arena. Like strimmers, clippers and Gillete Fusion STEALTH – the razor the opponent won’t see coming.

    Two men enter. One beard leaves.

  15. Piratepete says:

    hahahah. Like gladiator with sharper but much smaller blades.

    Don’t get me started about razors, £14 with one blade and they charge £12 for a refill, i really…………………………

    (wanders off muttering to himself)