Multiplayer In Crysis

Can’t get Crysis multiplayer to work? Crytek know your woes.

No one to shoot

For everyone struggling to get multiplayer to work properly, Crytek are on it. And while the connectivity issues are being hit with a thousand spanners, the company offers some helpful workarounds for those affected.

“Word from Crytek: We just would like to let you know that we are aware of the currently occurring issues regarding playing Crysis Multiplayer online. We are already in touch with Gamespy, EA and the world-wide server provider to resolve the problems. This topic has the highest priority for us now and we hope to come up with a solution as quickly as possible.”

It appears problems lie when someone uninstalls their copy of the multiplayer beta, or the single player demo, after installing the full version of Crysis – something that’s not uncommon after the massive promotional push to encourage interested players to have had a go at both before the full release. It appears to be killing the CD-Key, and the workarounds listed here should get you out of that fix.

However, this won’t fix everything, and for those who aren’t able to MP without CD key or Punkbuster troubles, Crytek can only ask for patience. But it’s good to know they’re working on it.


  1. AbyssUK says:

    I remember the days when games got released and you didn’t have any problems.. what has happened to the QA of computer games.. there getting as bad as mobile apps.

  2. muscrat says:

    Ahh yea the problems are a bit annoying, but still the MP is awesome. Havent had as much MP fun since BF2. Mixes BF,CS, and C&C Renegade X Nanosuit, and Crysis goods = win in my books. XD Still connection errors annoying.

  3. Thomas Lawrence says:

    “I remember the days when games got released and you didn’t have any problems.. what has happened to the QA of computer games.. there getting as bad as mobile apps.”

    You do? Personally, I remember the days when games got released riddled with problems that were either never fixed or only fixed by sending off for a floppy disk from some obscure distributing centre in Rotherham.

    Does no one remember Frontier: Elite II?

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    Games are a little more complicated now than they were in the ‘good old days’.

  5. Leelad says:

    Knowing how much content the betas had is there any need to buy the game?

  6. H says:

    Haven’t even dabbled with the MP yet, as the SP is giving me plenty of headaches. I’ve been in touch with their tech support for a few days now, but it’s still unresolved. Hey ho.

  7. Carey says:

    I’ve been playing Crysis MP all weekend without any bother at all. I’m a bit bummed that so many people seem to be having trouble because i’ve been having a LOT of fun with it. After the screw up that was FarCry MP i was really relieved that – as far as my experience went – all was rosy with Crysis.

    In all seriousness I’ve really been enjoying the MP power struggle maps. I even turned down a coop evening with my clanmates in ArmA to play it and those RPSers who know me will appreciate how big a deal that is :D

    I really hope this is fixed promptly as the modding potential of this engine in MP is outstanding.

  8. Max says:

    I’m completely unable to connect to any Crysis MP servers – I just get a nice red “Server authentication failed” message.

    Feh. I’m not one for MP really anyway. I play the occasional game of TF2 and ET:QW though. =)

  9. Chis says:

    >Does no one remember Frontier: Elite II?

    I remember it well… being very reliable.

    Perhaps you’re confusing it with the widely lambasted release of Frontier: First Encounters, which WAS tremendously buggy.

    I’ve had less troubles with Crysis than I have with other games recently. Gents, if you’re running Forceware 169.0x, don’t expect other games to work well. STALKER and Oblivion repeatedly crashed and bluescreened on me ’til I reverted to Forceware 163.71.

  10. Thomas Lawrence says:

    Oh, possibly. Google tells me Elite II had bugs aplenty too, though, like the “wormhole” bug which let you travel vast distances in a single jump so long as they were multiples of 635 light years…

  11. Dave Avery says:

    I remeber Frontier. Funnily enough I have been telling my son about it and trying to find somewhere to download a copy recently, but I can never get it to work on my Vista machine. Does anyone have any ideas about that?

  12. Jimmy says:

    My Crysis gives me a error like version mismatch. I have the most recent version and have tried the others but it still doesnt work. Any insight?

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