Shatner, Shaman

If there’s one thing that could possibly lure me back to World of Warcraft, it’s William Shatner talking about throwing lightning bolts from his hands.

Whenever I think I’m finally over my ironic love for crazy old Bill, he always pulls something special out of the hat. Thank you for existing, sir.


  1. Jives says:

    That image alone would win the award for the single greatest thing ever put on the internet. But the video is even better…

  2. ImperialCreed says:

    Weapons grade awesome…

  3. Faust says:

    You can’t ignore the amazing, but not quite so amazing, Mr.T advert. It’s priceless.

  4. Bob Arctor says:


  5. Prophetik says:

    Wow, epic! I wonder how much this set Blizzard back?

  6. Andrew says:

    Fantastic stuff. :D

  7. Seniath says:


    I don’t play any more, but that’s still pretty damn awesome.

  8. Solario says:

    Twenty years, if not more, and Mr. T still looks the same… That’s amazing.

  9. drunkymonkey says:

    I preferred the Mr. T one, but then I’m not a Trekky. And there’s few things better than the T getting pissed off at directors.

  10. Freelancepolice says:

    haha Mr t hacking the game :D

  11. Max says:

    It’s almost enough to make me reconsider my deep, pulsing hatred of World of Warcraft.

    Wait. No it isn’t. Not at all.

  12. xeno says:

    Mr T. pwns William Shatner. I PITY DA FOO.

  13. MindBrain says:

    A lot better then the lawyer commercials he was doing.

  14. FaceOmeter says:

    i earnestly believe that all of WoW so far has been leading up to that

  15. FaceOmeter says:

    as a sidenote, can I just add that I was a tauren shaman myself in my WoW days, so I’m feeling unbelievable right now

  16. Thiefsie says:

    Still wouldn’t make me play.

  17. CrashT says:

    Shatner and Mr T… Proof that Blizzard knows it’s audience.

  18. Bobsy says:

    He called me dog!


  19. The_B says:

    Like others, this won’t make me renew my subscription. But still undeniably awesome though. Especially Mr T’s.

    So, bets onto what character Verne Troyer is going to be?

  20. Piratepete says:

    damn my inability to view this video at work. I’ll have a look later, however like others, nothing would make me go back to Wow now, except maybe a lottery win and some sort of time expansion device. Actually no.

    btw my gravatr still don’t work, any advice?

  21. Lu-Tze says:

    He wants to do whatever Common People do…

  22. Piratepete says:

    lol just genius :)

  23. drunkymonkey says:

    “So, bets onto what character Verne Troyer is going to be?”

    In a break from tradition, not a gnome. A Draenei.

  24. Cradok says:

    I’d need to be put in charge of my own raid-capable guild to ever go back, but those ads are certantly pretty tempting.

  25. Crispy says:

    Shatner this almost beats Bilbo. But not quite

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