Zero Punctuation in Another Nation (USA)

It’s not just Walker who’s had a chance to fawn over Gabe Newell. Taking a break from eviscerating Clive Barker’s Jericho, Yahtzee has been off for an audience with Valve. And he’s written a travelogue of his escapades over at The Escapist. And here’s a picture of him with Gabe Newell.

We're going photos of Gabe Newell crazy here at RPS today. NO-ONE CAN STOP US.

Yahtzee is the one in the hat and Gabe Newell is the one who looks like Gabe Newell.

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  1. Alistair says:

    Gabe actually looks like Robin Williams. Mork’s older brother perhaps.

  2. Andrew B says:

    So that’s what Yahtzee looks like.

  3. Dexton says:

    That’s a sweet hat

  4. Crispy says:

    Do you think someone at Valve had a go at him about slating the Yanks? Maybe it was Jeryy Hoskins…

  5. Monkfish says:

    When I first saw this at The Escapist, I misread the title as “Yahtzee Visits a Travelodge” and I thought, yeah – that explains the bitterness.


  6. Tom says:

    Love Yahtzee. Funny man. So fucking funny.

  7. MetalCircus says:

    Yahtzee’s shit. Rips off Charlie Brooker, and doesn’t get away with it. Not to mention he isn’t nearly as funny, he just comes off as a miserable prick as opposed to a funny, witty misanthrope which is what Charlie is