City 7: Toronto

This is reasonably amusing: a Half-Life 2 mod project that recreates large areas of central Toronto.

The website explains:

City 7: Toronto Conflict, is an action packed Half-Life 2 mod with a variety of unique levels and game play. Explore what has become of City 7 in areas like Dundas square, Eaton Center , Mel Lastman square, St. Michael’s Hospital and TTC system under the Combine rule. This version features Gordon Freeman as the main character, stuck in Toronto due to a teleporting accident in Kleiner’s lab. Try to escape this war torn city by finding any type of teleporting technology and send him back to City 17.

Next week: City 13 – Battle For Basingstoke.


  1. Leelad says:

    Just about to make a “City 342 – Hell in Hull” comment before I saw the last line.

  2. Iain says:

    “City 42 – Conflict in Coventry: Ahhh, fuck it, let them just level the place…”

  3. Cargo Cult says:

    I’m already working on my own, Warsaw-inspired City 44 for MINERVA – and I’ve decided that City 23 is Brussels.

    Modders need a registry of allocated numbers!

  4. kwyjibo says:

    A fucking Basingstoke based map would be awesome. Every time I see it, I think what a magnificent FPS arena it would be. There’s so much concrete and weird architectural messes that enables lots of vertical differences.

    From an assault up the slight hill of the railway station, to corridor based fights across the barren malls. Basingstoke is waiting to happen.

  5. AbyssUK says:

    Am sure this guy will be done for terrorism by somebody in america..

  6. Tom Lillis says:

    Toronto is in Canada. Unless the team makes the foolish decision to come down here to New York–which they might, considering the fact that half of Canada seems to be making that trip daily in order to flaunt their funny-colored currency and snag all the good parking spots at the Best Buy–they should be fine.

  7. Monkfish says:

    So, which city gets the dubious honour of being City 1?

  8. Zuffox says:

    Reminds me of a VG Cats comic strip.

  9. Zuffox says:

    Hell, I’m never going to get to terms with the html here; link here link to

  10. Hobbes says:

    “So, which city gets the dubious honour of being City 1?”

    London. Think about it, here you are, Noob Alien overload, fresh off the space destroyer, and you’re thinking

    “These bloody humans, with all their names for cities, thats not very efficient. What we need is some good honest numbers. Okay, so City 1… Well, we better use a local frame of reference, otherwise the monkeys will get confused… so, what do we have… longitude… stupid name, bloody monkeys…. anyway, so , we have zero longitude and what city do we find… Hmmm, seems to be a place called ‘London’. So, London is now City 1. I wonder what its like…. Damn, HOW much for a pint of beer? I’ve just taken over the whole planet and even I can’t afford that.”

  11. Mo says:

    Pretty decent judging by the media … some of the locations were very spot on.

  12. SteveTheBlack says:

    Having lived in Basingstoke for almost all my life (except a trilogy of years in Hull) I have to agree that very little work is needed to turn Basingstoke into a half-life “city”.

    Every time I go into the town centre I keep expecting to see the flying scanners, or rebels perched atop the Wote Street Willy firing wildly at the hooded zombies.

    Hell, Buckskin would make a nice stand-in for Ravenholm.

  13. Roman Levin says:

    Really horrible as a game though. And the maps look horrible. And the voice acting is atrocious.

  14. Kieron Gillen says:

    Shall I bring up Amsterdoom again?


  15. Willy359 says:

    Greetings from Toronto. The areas are mostly recognizable, but in true HL style you can’t explore far. These guys use a lot of force fields and combine walls to keep you on the straight and narrow. HL did the same thing, but they did a better job of hiding it. Fighting down Yonge St. was fun, until I had to bypass a force field by interacting with a series of things that aren’t part of the usual collection of in-game interactive objects. Game crashed on me when I tried to kill an unmovable stalker with the unstoppable gravity gun. And yes, the voice acting is bad, bad, bad. Even so, I enjoyed it.

  16. Andrew Doull says:

    A fucking Basingstoke based map would be awesome. Every time I see it, I think what a magnificent FPS arena it would be.

    Did anyone else experience feelings of deja vu walking around abandoned areas of [inserted subject home town here] after playing Half-Life 2? There’s a London Underground depot near West Brompton that has part laid out like the Follow Freeman section where the scanners are getting dropped through a gap in the motorway and attacking you and your forces (just before the strider breaks through).

    Me and a mate were discussing Half-Life 2 walking through there and both realised at the same time. We looked at each other and laughed… nervously.

  17. Bobsy says:

    Well the whole point of City 17 just being City 17 and not City-17-that-was-once-Minsk is to show up the complete erasure of identity that Combine occupation has. The people who now live there can barely remember what it used to be – probably even Father Grigori can’t recall. So to start labelling every major city on earth with a number kind of defeats the object.

  18. Bobsy says:

    Also, yes, Amsterdoom. Belonging to the tragically small narcotic-shooter genre.

  19. Sortie says:

    Pretty amusing project. I’ve been doing a project with the same idea for over a year now. However, this mod is crap, it seems like they forgot to play their maps when developing them, and putting them through playtests. The art style was semi-decent and really good at some points. But they didn’t make each area in the same quality, and the trainride was seen before. Many times.
    Overall, I didn’t finish the game. I got so tired of the gameplay being rediculously hard and the opposite of fun.
    Finally the story was weak, dumb, and ‘seen before’, as always for such Single Player games. I however admire them for actually releasing something. Even though it’s crap!

    As I mentioned before, I’m recreating my own city too and this time I allocated City 12 as the ingame location.

    Sounds pretty dumb in some ways. Just too bad I’m over a year into development, the fourth demo is out within a month, got an actually working and wellwritten story, have awesome screenshots, and they look just as good ingame, the mod is fun and looks pretty much the real world locations. While the project still being realistic. And just to annoy you guys it’s deeply unannounced and I won’t post any links to it here. Maybe a google can help you? Altered Transmission.

  20. hearme says:

    this time I allocated City 12 as the ingame location.

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