Rock Band – PC Gamers Will Have You

They might not release Rock Band for PC, but by hook or by crook, we’ll have it.

Engadget spotted that ultra hax0r blogger dxprog has hooked up his Rock Band drumkit to his PC.

It’s still early days, but look – the PC can see it. You’ll see EA! You’ll see Harmonix! Refuse to release your gizmos for the PC, we’ll have them anyway.

There’s full instructions for how to do this on dxprog’s blog, and a pre-made zip for those too fearful to try it themselves. (We won’t direct link to that out of politeness, but it’s at the bottom of his post).


  1. The_B says:

    EA will regrets not letting us have our precious’ rythmn action music games. We haves our own Singstar (Ultrastar) we have our own Guitar Hero (Frets on Fire) – Activision realised there was no stoppings us and conceeded. Lets us haves it EA… our preciousssss….

  2. born2expire says:

    i always credited one of the best parts of PC gaming, is that we didnt have to deal with these flash in the pan bullshit games.

  3. Max says:

    Guitar Hero is literally the worst thing on the planet.

    Yeah. Worse than furries.

    And Frets on Fire is just utter cretiny.

  4. John Walker says:

    Oh, unlike everyone else at RPS, I’d rather wedge a Guitar Hero controller down my throat than play the game. Making the controller guitar shaped doesn’t make pressing coloured buttons in time with coloured lights anything to do with playing a guitar. It’s a pressing coloured buttons in time with coloured lights game. However, a drum peripheral is a whole other matter.

    • Circuit6 says:

      I guess it makes no difference that harmonix felt your argument. there is now a pro-instrument mode, one can hook up an midi enabled instrument and learn how to play it from the lights telling you where to push in time with the music . The problem isn’t the guitar shaped controller, it is unimaginative people unwilling to try to pretend in front of friends or denouncing a game never tried for reasons not experienced. However, I can totally dig your stance, sorta like saying “I don’t need to read the bible to know my preacher is full of $h!t”. Imagination, BAH humbug! Bravo, good man, crushing the spirit and imagination is something the inexperienced have been doing for centuries to oppress the common man and keep him in a cycle that is easier to control. Curious, how is that working for you?

  5. Mo says:

    Making the controller guitar shaped doesn’t make pressing coloured buttons in time with coloured lights anything to do with playing a guitar. It’s a pressing coloured buttons in time with coloured lights game.

    Yes, but that isn’t the point. Guitar Hero never claimed to teach people how to play the guitar. It claims to make people feel like rock stars. Which it does, and does quite well I might add.

    It’s like saying [insert generic FPS here] is shit because it doesn’t teach you how to fire a gun.

  6. John Walker says:

    I didn’t suggest that it fails to teach you how to play a guitar. I said it has nothing to do with playing a guitar. I utterly cannot comprehend how pressing coloured buttons can make anyone feel like a rock star, simply because the block on which the coloured buttons appear is shaped like a guitar. My point being: hitting a drum is very much like hitting a drum. Hence my greater interest in a drum peripheral.

  7. The_B says:

    I just geniuniely find these ryhthm action games to be awesome, not just because they make you “feel” like a Rock Star – and bear in mind I say “rock star” rather than “musician” – it’s the thrill of playing along to your favourite songs that also makes it feel a bit more special.

  8. Mo says:

    Ah, fair enough John, I guess I miss-interpreted. I think The_B got across what I wanted to say though. :)

    As for why Guitar Hero works … it has great atmosphere. The look & feel of the menus, the volume level going up to 11, tips in the loading screen, the crowd cheering, the loud music, Star Power, and the friggin’ whammy bar … they add up. I mean, the whammy bar is completely useless … it’s added cost to manufacturing the hardware *solely* for the purpose of making you (the player) feel awesome.

  9. Lh'owon says:

    Interesting, so it’s basically an elaborate emotion-triggering game, rather than having a lot of gameplay focused content. I wonder if any PC specific games do the same thing?

    I’m sure I’ll be rubbish at it if I ever play it, as I’m useless at DDR type games. It’s hard to feel like a rockstar when you keep missing the buttons.

  10. Del Boy says:

    “I’m sure I’ll be rubbish at it if I ever play it, as I’m useless at DDR type games. It’s hard to feel like a rockstar when you keep missing the buttons”

    Yeah, but when you DON’T miss the buttons and you ‘nail’ it, it’s….just great!

  11. Pidesco says:

    “Interesting, so it’s basically an elaborate emotion-triggering game, rather than having a lot of gameplay focused content. I wonder if any PC specific games do the same thing?”

    I think sports games are more or less the same schtick. They’re all about the emotional attachment to the real life players, they’re not about a realistic sport experience. Even PES.

  12. Cradok says:

    It doesn’t make me feel like a rock star, it makes me feel like a twat in his living room playing the world’s most expensive rhythm game. I feel a lot more like a rock star when I’m cocking up on a real guitar than I ever will with GH.

  13. Kieron Gillen says:

    I’d give up, guys. Explaining at length why Guitar Hero is awesome to Walker has been going on ever since it’s been released, and since he’s steadfastly refused to play the bloody thing, no-one’s going to convince him otherwise. He’s heard all the standard explanations before.

    (And Guitar Hero is a *very* highly focused game experience, taking genuine skill to play well.)

    Anyone interested on my take, I broke Guitar Hero down over at the Escapist, where I try and explain why Boston are the world’s greatest level designers.


  14. Kieron Gillen says:

    Cradok, it should be noted, is very much in the minority of real guitarists: Every single talented guitar player in my social group adores GH.


  15. John Walker says:

    Kieron’s mistaken, because I have played the game.

    Also, I fully recognise how accomplished it is, and am completely delighted by how much fun people have playing it.

    I’d be more delighted if the tyranny against people who don’t enjoy it could come to an end at some point.

  16. Richard says:

    Don’t worry. I don’t get anything out of these games either. It’s probably due to that whole ‘lack of a soul’ thing, but still:

    link to

  17. Kieron Gillen says:

    It blends!


  18. Hobbes says:

    To strengthen Kieron’s point (and I don’t do that often happen), I’ll write what I told him after playing GH for the first time. I practised for years, sweated, cried and bled, all literally, to get that rush that comes from really nailing a performance on guitar.

    Then GH comes along and lets anyone with a trace of heart get that feeling within, ooh, about half an hour of undemanding play.

    So, I love the game. But I hate Harmonix, in the way that some one who’s climbed a mountain would probably hate any bugger who made it possible for people to take a helicopter to the top and still get the same sense of accomplishment from it.

    Oh, and I would argue that GH has rather more to do with actually playing Guitar then most other games do with their subject matter. For instance, its kinesthetically much more like the real thing than WASD and mouse is like actually running around with a gun shooting things, and no one says FPS are rubbish cause the controllers are nothing to do with the real thing. (well, some people do, but they’re scary and live in compounds in Montana with lots of dried food and an extensive bible collection so we’ll quietly disregard them).

  19. Richard says:

    It blends!


    But I’m not holding my breath.

  20. Kieron Gillen says:

    Hobbes: I’m reviewing GH3 for Gamer, and – er – kinda referenced that story in the intro.


  21. The_B says:

    Not that I have reviewer bias or anything, but Thank Whatever Deity You Worship they’ve given GH3 to Gillen for review. Now if he uses Tim’s monkey suit…

    And I don’t hate people who don’t like it. I feel they may be a little cold inside, but I can live with them. If they never got any joy out of air guitaring, again fair enough – that’s what I’d liken it the most closely to, just a more ‘tangible’ version of air guitaring.

    Just as long as they don’t try and wrench the ‘Guitar’ out of my hands during More Than A Feeling. Otherwise there will be blood.

  22. Hobbes says:

    Oh my god, I’m to become a PC Gamer review anecdote. I’m not sure if I should be mildly amused, or mildly appalled.

  23. Kieron Gillen says:

    At least you didn’t have to have sex with me, which is the usual way people end up in my reviews.


  24. Hobbes says:

    Those would be some extremely specialist reviews in the darker corners of the web then?

  25. Ace says:

    Yeah, I’d think KG is absolutely in the wrong industry for that technique.

  26. The_B says:

    Given the last review was Tabula Rasa – lets just say Lord British has been Gillen-ed.

  27. King Awesome says:

    I hope that in your review you keep in mind that Rock Band (in the general cultural context of games, obviously not for the PC) is just around the metaphorical corner.

    A lot of the internet sems to have rated Guitar Hero without this context and Rock band with three friends is like everything you loved about Guitar Hero multiplied by three. It will be the game that people are hammering on your door at 3 in the morning to play. It will be the game that makes women want to stay with you indefinitely (there’s downloadable content now). Even John can join in because he seems to have no philosophical objection to the drum controller.

    It breaks down barriers it unites people in joy, standing against it is like standing against a tidal wave of pure, intense delight.

  28. Kieron Gillen says:

    I kept Guitar Hero in mind but – for a PC mag – any Guitar Hero an interesting enough concept to be going along with for now.

    I certainly paid attention – say – Fretts on Fire.


  29. King Awesome says:

    Swapping Rock Band for Guitar Hero the first time round and adding in a few words I think I can make sense of that :)

    I guess you can do that ‘The first taste of proper Guitar Hero’ for the PC schtick in the review. Interesting for the PC only crowd certainly, but and I can’t stress this enough, what they really should be hoping for is PC Rock Band, via any means possible. I think you should endeavour to get some quality time with it Kieron, via one of your console methods, I can’t imagine you not loving it. It combines those pure gaming thrills with all the fun of four people sharing an experience, and (most likely) alcohol.

    Towards a PC hacked up version of Rock Band, highly likely. It seems like all the Rock Band peripherals are very much moddable, I’ve already seen a double bass pedal mod of the drums and a cupholder, along with talk of much more complicated stuff with electronic drum set parts. The interface is there to be cloned and the internet is there to provide all the slightly dodgy song bundling you could ever need.

  30. Anthony says:

    I did not read this entire list of comments, but I did get down far enough to see the person who discredits Guitar Hero because it is not playing guitar.

    So…Is shooting a gun anything like holding an Xbox 360 controller, or a keyboard and mouse? Is pressing ‘w’ on a keyboard or pressing ‘forward’ on a thumb stick anything like walking? Is pressing ‘space bar’ or the jump button on your controller anything like jumping? The answer is no. With the exception of duck hunt, some flight sims with joy sticks, and race games with steering wheels, no game has controls in anyway related to the actual thing the game is simulating.

    Point being, if your going to talk crap about a game that lets people have fun and interact like Guitar Hero, you better also talk crap about 90% of all games that have ever existed.

  31. fretts says:

    […] with no relationship to real life or real urbanity. … Mail (will not be published) (required) …Rock Band PC Gamers Will Have You | Rock, Paper, ShotgunThey might not release Rock Band for PC, but by hook or by crook, we'll have it. Engadget spotted […]