World Of Warcraft Opens Deed Poll Office

Until now, a World of Warcraft character name has been for life, not just for Christmas. A poor choice on day one led to hundreds of hours of embarrassed misery. Or indeed rolling a completely new character after realising that calling your hunter dwarf “Mrs Lollipops” was only funny for about fifteen minutes.

Hi, my name is Bob.

But that’s all changed, and now for the ludicrous fee of £6 (€8), you can rename your WoW character however you see fit. You know, excluding the tens of millions of names that have already been taken. So soon Mrs Lollipops_2 will be in Azeroth.

You can now change your name as many times as you want (can afford), but will have to wait 90 days between each change. That’s still three months of commitment, for all you people who can’t leave your MSN name (sentence) alone for more than thirteen seconds.

Details here, and an FAQ all about it here.


  1. The_B says:

    Until they let me use underscores, I’m still not happy. Or at least let me use one letter ala City of Heroes.

  2. Leelad says:

    “Alanshearer” is fine as he is.

    The best geordie paladin on Bloodhoof!

  3. Mark-P says:

    What are Blizzard doing with all this money? Do they swim around in it Scrooge McDuck style at lunchtime? Or is it funding a secret underground layer with friendly boiler-suited staff and easy monorail access?

    Frankly I’m concerned, as I think we all should be. ( Seriously, €8 ?! )

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