A Living Case Mod

Biomodd is a work of installation sculpture, biology, case-modding, and game design by a chap called Angelo Vermeulen. The idea is to create an ongoing relationship between an enclosed ecosystem in the case, and the games being played on the hardware. Vermeulen explains his idea in an interview over on WMMNA:

“It’s a human sized transparent structure that contains several suspended computer components and different types of plant life such as green algae and vines. The computer runs Linux (Fedora) and its monitor will be suspended downwards to illuminate a bed of fast-sprouting seeds. Basically, we’re testing how close we can bring together the biological and electronic world. At the same time we’re also exploring potential game concepts.”

It’s a little unclear what the game concepts entail, because Vermeulen’s project is not only interdisciplinary, but also ongoing and nomadic between various installation spaces. Nevertheless, the core idea (as outlined in this video) is to create a virtual work that is linked to and representative of the biological ecosystem in the case. Playing will allow some manipulation of the conditions the organisms find themselves in, and the condition of the organisms has ramifications for what goes on in the game world.


  1. muscrat says:

    Wow… That is a very interesting idea. Pretty nice take on installation art I say, I say. I’d go see it.

  2. Meredith Basingwary says:


    My case is made of MEAT.

  3. Chemix says:

    When it’s actually made of living things, then it might be more than an art statement, but right now it just doesn’t seem that amazing. OLEDs and bioluminescents could very well be used to make a monitor at the least.

  4. Man Raised By Puffins says:


    My case is made of MEAT.

    Indeed. I was expecting something more along the lines of a shuttle coated with still warm cat entrails. Although that wouldn’t exactly be living for long, if at all, unless you count the various flies and beetles the corpse will inevitably attract. I’ll shut up now.

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