Timeshift’s shifting development time.

This year’s a big one for FPS with enormously protracted development times from Ex-Soviet Nations. Clearly, there’s Ukraine’s STALKER, but Russia’s TimeShift had a similar lengthy trip from conception to completion, including Multiple Publishers and going back to the drawing board after it was completed back in 2006. What happened? Saber’s Andrey Iones talks about it all in a lengthy Gamasutra interview.

“In Russia, you can’t find people like designers and producers. They simply don’t exist, because there are no triple-A titles coming out of Russia. It’s simply a challenge. You have to bring these people in, and you have to train them so that they become triple-A developers. It’s much more than programming, because you have to have people with production skills and with designer skills. It’s really hard to come by those in Russia.”

Which is something I’ve heard off several Russian developers – that while the more technological people are fine, the actual designers are so thin on the ground due to a lack of a cultural history. Anyway, I suspect they’ll be some more about TimeShift in the next couple of weeks, when Alec’s review for Gamer comes online. He quite liked it. The Tennis is quite good.


  1. Tom Lillis says:

    *clears throat*

    In post-Soviet Russia, game develops you.

    There. That’s all. Had to be done, I think, and now it has been.

  2. Phil says:

    One of the trailers, a live action short film, suggests the game features ultra violent time travelling power rangers punching and shooting incredibly poor actors to bits in slow motion – how can it possibly fail?

  3. Piratepete says:

    I thought it would be

    In soviet Russia Time shift YOU!


  4. Hump says:

    One thing they do have in spades are artists. Eastern Europe produces some amazing texture and concept artists.

    BTW, any word on how Timeshift did in retail? I enjoyed it but it simply didn’t stand up to some of the higher visibility games that came out these past few weeks.

  5. Turin Turambar says:

    Timeshift was an average fps at the beginning, but aftewards it improves and it’s a very decent shooter, with a old school feeling. Good weapons, variety of scenarios, enemies blowin up everywhere, etc.