Craning Level

Over the weekend, I noticed architect-simulator Building & Co had released a 190Mb demo (Or the size of six brick-laden hods) and since I’m the only member of RPS who’s ever worked on a building site, I figured I better have a look at it. So I did.

Oooh, I'll have a tea break

It appears to be a management game, where you’re juggling abstract resources so tasks get done. For example, build a mains to gain electricity points, which are then used up to make other buildings. Build another mains when you need more electricity, which doesn’t seem quite right, but I’m I’m not going to complain too hard about that, as I may be misunderstanding it, since the game crashed half way through the tutorial and I didn’t restart it as I figured I didn’t really care that much and would rather concentrate on writing run-on sentences. After all, I’m playing games to avoid carrying bricks around.


  1. Ryan says:

    For some reason, I couldn’t even start the game.. and any support is all in French so I give up. Doesn’t sound like it is too stable anyways.

  2. Andrew Doull says:

    You could have mentioned that Raph Koster recently wrote a guest editorial on Penny Arcade featuring a game-design for a construction game. Interestingly, the follow-up discussion the fact that the proposed construction game would actually be better than most of the actual design tools used in the construction industry. And out of that came an actual prototype for a drywalling game.

  3. Gulag says:

    Beat me to it.

  4. terry says:

    Damn, when I saw that screenie I was in insta-download mode, expecting Simtower 3d.

    Well, it ain’t :(

  5. Leeks! says:

    Everyone seems to be avoiding the most shocking thing here… Kieron worked on a construction site? Here I was under the impression that the ley energy bonds that keeps his being bound to this plane would be disrupted if he was more than twenty meters from an unabridged copy of the Institutio Oratoria. In the original latin.

  6. Kieron Gillen says:

    My dad and most of his brothers are in the building trade, so I spent a chunk of my teenage years there. Lifting stuff.

    There’s a reason why I became a games journalist.


  7. Andrew Doull says:

    So family get together’s are like the Zoolander household then?

    “I’ve got the black lung, pop.” (Or should that be mesothelioma?)