The Sunday Papers

I figure it’s time for another regular (i.e. Whenever I remember and/or be bothered to do it) series. It’s Sunday. If you’re reading RPS today, I figure you’re of a more relaxed sedentary bent that the weekday chaos of TRYING TO AVOID WORK. You want something to read with some moral and intellectual fibre. Sadly, you’ve come to RPS, but we’ll try hard to avoid posting links to 80s pop videos.

We failed you.


  1. Theory says:

    This is a good idea. Do it again. :)

  2. Sören Höglund says:

    It is a tricky one, but I’ll have to go with Strawberry Switchblade and their fabulous polka dots.

  3. Kieron Gillen says:

    And I edit in the Video rather than the TOTP moment. ULTRADOTS.


  4. Sören Höglund says:

    Arrghhh, the damn site refuses to let me post just

  5. Sören Höglund says:

    NO. The heart showed up fine on the preview. WHY DO YOU HATE MY LOVE FOR POLKA DOTS RPS?

  6. Jon says:

    It’s also the first weekend of december when most people put up christmas trees, for some people who need to get out more ¬_¬

  7. Jon says:

    Eugh, well that was a total failure on my part, this is the correct link…

  8. Hump says:

    “The Sunday Papers”

    Hey! That used to be the name of MY column when I worked at…….. lol.

  9. Will Tomas says:

    Speaking of things cropping up in the Sunday Papers (or online equivalents), the BBC’s commenting on the Activision-Blizzard merger…

    link to

  10. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Is it possible to be a renegade and a lapdog at the same time?

  11. Mo says:

    Definitely loving the Strawberry Switchblade

  12. Hump says:

    re Fuzzbox/Strawberry Switchblade:

    my teeth hurt……

  13. ryan in exile says:

    Strawberry Switchblade ++, if only for the current 93 connection

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