The Team Fortress 2 That Never Was


Remember a little game called Team Fortress 2? We used to talk about it alllll the time. Great days, great days. So whatever happened to our verbose love? Too many bloody good games in the last two months, that’s what happened.

Well, remind yourself of how beautiful a thing it is, with this fascinating look at its art design process. Includes not-hitherto-eyeballed concept art, including the Heavy with a mullet.


  1. vasagi says:

    wow, thank god the mullet left the building

  2. derFeef says:

    I Love TF2. Its so artistic and also very fun to play. Valve is such a great company. They have so much talent and knowledge. If Valve were my girlfriend, I would ask if they marry me ;)

  3. Ben Hazell says:

    Well TF2’s been great.
    I love how clean the art style is, and quick identification is a big plus. But I’m already starting to veer towards Fortress Forever again.

  4. Mouj says:

    One just has to love the design and details put into it. Must have been quite a fun project to work on, too !
    I wish we could see those visuals a little bigger.

  5. Dr Snofeld says:

    I am Heavy Weapons Guy…and THIS…is my mullet.

  6. Mr. Softpants says:

    This is probably my most favorite, original, game design to come out in years. It’s definitely the coolest-looking game I have seen in a long time.

    I’m really glad they decided not to go the realistic military route every is doing these days. The design itself just speaks volumes in terms of how much their design philosophies worked they way they had intended. With much testing mind you. I wish more people in games thought-out their ideas like this.

    I hope like Valve did with the HL artbook. They do the same with TF2. There’s too much cool stuff here not to share with others.

  7. dartt says:

    “People think they can outsmart me, maybe… maybe… I have yet to meet someone who can outsmart mullet”

  8. Kast says:

    Mr. Softpants said:

    I hope like Valve did with the HL artbook. They do the same with TF2. There’s too much cool stuff here not to share with others.

    Same here. I think it’s likely they’ll release a book covering all H-L episodes, TF2, Portal and whatever else they release with Ep3. Possibly Left4Dead as well, though that’s not so likely.

  9. Andrew B says:

    I hope like Valve did with the HL artbook. They do the same with TF2. There’s too much cool stuff here not to share with others.

    Thirded. I would buy that up in a second.

  10. Alec Meer says:

    If one of you darlings wants to start an e-petitiony thing for that, we will totally link to it.

  11. James Lyon says:

    Speaking of what happened to TF2: what’s happened to those character videos they were making? They’ll have Episode 3 out before they get to the Spy at this rate.

  12. yns88 says:

    James Lyon: According to Yahtzee [sic?], they’re working on a new one, though we don’t know what class it’s gonna be this time.

  13. Mr. Softpants says:

    Valve mentioned the next upcoming character movie will be on our very vocal friend the “Pyro”

    Can’t wait :D

  14. Mike says:

    I was reading the latest Games For Windows mag today and saw two interesting things in their Orange Box Afterthoughts spread. One was the mention of a definite desire to do a Raising the Bar type book for TF2. The other was RPS being name dropped in the Portal interview in reference to the Companion Cube fridge.

  15. JakethePirate says:

    I was under the impression that the next “Meet the…” movie was rumored to be the sniper.

    I’d love for it to be the pyro though.

  16. Mr. Softpants says:

    One of the Valve guys mentioned it last week in the Steam forums that the Pyro would be next \


  17. Kast says:

    They should just re-cut Ignus Solus for the Pyro vid.

  18. Andrew says:

    Yahtzee’s Valve travelogue mentioned that Valve were worried about people understanding what was going on in the next character video.

    So that set Pyro alarm bells ringing for me.

  19. You got blood on my suit says:

    This almost directly tracks the developer commentary included in the game. But the added artwork is awesome.