Universe At War Factions Vid

One of the more interesting RTS games of the year (although perhaps, as KG and Alec observe, that’s something to do with it being a slow year for the old click ‘n build) with Petroglyph’s veteran designer, Adam Isgreen, talking a bit about the three different factions in the game:

Game Trailers, you may be spared when our alien overlords arrive.

I’ll be reviewing the alien ménage à trois in a PC Gamer magazine near you, real soon.


  1. Pesh says:

    The Aeon look pretty slick in that vid!

    Supreme Commander


  2. Sander says:

    Hmm… I wish I was smrt enough to play RTS games, that looks shiny.

  3. wiper says:

    “Hmm… I wish I was smrt enough to play RTS games, that looks shiny.”

    I wish my PC was smart enough to play half of the games RPS mentions. One day I’ll be able to play Company of Heroes (and almost certainly end up complaining that the building of units makes it no good. And that that’s nothing to do with my own ineptitude).

  4. ry says:

    i’m guessing the devs spent a lot of time playing SupCom and DoW.

    looks nice though, a bit like startcraft actu… HNNNGGGG! must. stop. comparing. games.

  5. Sander says:

    Seriously though, if any group of pseudonymous interweb commenters could come up with good advice on the topic of “The joy of RTS4X for dummies” it’s the people here. Whenever I try to out another RTS I get the feeling that if you’re not the kind of person who enjoys a game like chess you’ll never really get into this kind of game.
    Is that true? Am I just flighty and fuzzy-headed, or did I just not find the right kind of entry level ‘RTS for noobs’ until now?
    (Sorry if this is an unacceptable derail, delete or disregard if so.)

  6. Andrew says:

    Company of Heroes (not Opposing Fronts, but the original) is a good entry point for RTS games. It works more on common sense (if I move these men to this wall they’ll be less likely to die if enemies charge them, ooh, there’s people in that building, I’ll use flamethrowers) and so on.

    I suppose a very traditional one like C&C 3 could work too, but I’m not a fan of that sort of thing. Steer clear of Supreme Commander if you’re an RTS newbie, as it’s a very acquired taste. Not a taste I personally have acquired, and I loved its antecedent, Total Annihilation.

  7. Sander says:

    That sounds sensible, thanks Andrew! I have to say I’m not too keen on the WWII setting but I’ll definitely try it out anyway. I guess one way to look at it is I should start by having fun with tactics, and avoid getting overwhelmed by labyrinthine tech trees and build queues.

  8. Pesh says:

    Total Annihilation is my favorite RTS ever. It’s one of the VERY few RTS games I love.

    I do love me some Sup Comm.

  9. reven710 says:

    yup this game is pownage …i have it for 360… i highly recomend it…