Lumines On PC

It’s just been brought to my attention that there’s a version of the popular Japanese musical block-based puzzle game Lumines, now available for PC. The 121mb Wildgames version of the game can be downloaded for nowt, but is limited to an ad-supported free session.

I’m not sure how close this version is to the PSP original, but Gillen, now squatting at the edge of my desk like a giant PSP-owning toad, seems uncertain whether it’s a direct port of the first game. He says: “Hmm, it could be a different version based on the sequels, or something.”

Any better insight than that, readers?


  1. Freelancepolice says:

    Think it’s based on the xbox live version possibly. Although I don’t recognise that skin in the screen shot. Top game but no need for it with the xbox live version. For me anyway.

  2. po says:

    You said 121mb. The peggle is the new internationally recognised standard for file sizes (and disk manufacturers don’t argue that 1mp = 1 million peggles, because it is).

  3. Nallen says:

    Here’s some insight, that looks at least 100% more shit that the version I have on my phone.

  4. tom says:

    I dont want to hear about Kieron squatting

  5. Andrew says:

    Yeah, stop teasing us!

    We want high-definition video footage, dammit.

  6. ran93r says:

    Have the PSP version of the first game so running (not walking) now to download this as I simply can’t be arsed to charge my Pee Hess Pea.

  7. Dario says:

    I worked making some ports for cell phones of the Lumines and I have to say that the cell phone version is pretty good and lots of fun, and I guess (maybe i’m wrong) but I don’t think the PC version could be bad if the mobile version works (usually the cell ports are bottom of the barrel crap). Anyway Nallen could be right when she says that screenshot looks a little shittier.

  8. Newblade says:

    I’ve played it and it looks better than it that screenshot.

  9. Piratepete says:

    so how many megabytes (old money) is a Peggle? (new money)

  10. malkav11 says:

    There was already a free PC knockoff, although I think that it rather missed the point. Lumines is at least as much about the audiovisual experience melding with the puzzling as it is the puzzling itself (which I don’t think is terribly exciting on its own. I much prefer the more intuitive play of Tetris et al.). And that version really did not appear to have that down.

  11. Surprise says:

    It seems you have to enter an email adress when you decide to download the game.

    I advise everyone to use a service like, they rock.

  12. alice says:

    It’s only real if it has Mondo Grosso tracks!

  13. Tricky says:

    Just enter a fake email address – they don’t even check.

    And apparently it only lets you run the game a couple times, then wants you to buy WildCoins – but you can just uninstall it and then reinstall it.

    Or, well… find it somewhere for download, since I think that WildTangent is really screwing you out of $20 to use crippled softwar.

  14. Jolson says:

    I’ve downloaded and tried it, and it’s alright, but the controls are a bit icky. The original had a system where the block’s sideways motion would accelerate smoothly, until you let go of the button.
    This one tries valiantly to recreate it, but the block just moves a few notches before suddenly ramming itself into the wall.
    IMHO, it’s a game-breaker, because you can’t control the block properly.

    And I was so looking forward to custom skins. :(

  15. Alarik says:

    :-D “A PSP-owning toad” is pretty damn cute.

    Anyway, still searching for first Lumines for PSP here (every vendor seems to offer only that despicable sequel…).

  16. n00b says:

    Alarik: I think i’ve got that somewhere, if u’re interested, mail at micao at