Elf Power

RPS is all about giving respect to the long running franchises. Due to that, we have to give a seasonal heads up to to the latest installment of the Elf Bowling franchise, Elf Bowling 7 1/7: The Last Insult. Also it allowed me to narrow my definition of “casual game” to be “anything I can play effectively while talking game theory with Jim”.

I'm not actually the biggest fan of Elf Power, but I figure an indie band reference allows us to up our elitist cred a little and these things are important, GODDAMMIT.

The idea’s simple – North Pole bowling with Elves for pins. But you can control the ball, and pick up power-ups along the way. These are where the game becomes memorable – firing an over-sized ball with boxing gloves attack through a speed patch which makes the ball go so fast it leaves scorch marks has a way of being memorable. Bar the constant quips from the Elves, it’s acceptable Christmas Cheer and the one-hour demo may make it perfect for a multi-player post-pub elf-bashing session.


  1. WCAYPAHWAT says:

    So, what your saying……is its actually semi-decent. You know, it being elf bowling and all.

  2. Kieron Gillen says:

    I do like bashing elves.


  3. ShaunCG says:

    It’s better than tossing dwarfs.

  4. etho says:

    There’s an Elf Bowling movie. Did you know that? Human civilization has produced amazing works of art. Guernica. Götterdämmerung. La Chanson de Roland. And people are wasting their time with and Elf Bowling movie. Humans are so depressing. I wish I was a robot.

  5. Kieron Gillen says:

    Everyone wishes they were a robot, etho.


  6. I_still_love_Okami says:

    not true! I wish I was a wolf.

  7. etho says:

    Yeah, but most people wish they were a cool robot, like the terminator or the Adrian Barbeaubot. When I see crap like the Elf Bowling movie, I’d settle for being one of those robots that attach car doors.

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