In Crom’s Name! New Conan Trailer

I recently took a trip to visit Funcom – the creators of the game that means more to me than any other, The Longest Journey – and had a good poke around Age of Conan. The results of my findings will be appearing in magazines across the land come the new year, as well as the rather extensive results of chatting with TLJ’s creator, Ragnar Tørnquist.

While I was out there, I was guided about the very many offices by Funcom’s lovely project manager, Jørgen Theraldsen. At the end of the day, he took the opportunity to show off a forthcoming trailer that he’d written and directed, despite being the busiest man in the universe. And now even you, the non-Funcom-visiting scum, can watch it too!

Thanks Gametrailers. We love you. In fact, will you marry us?

Hurrah! Plenty of head-chopping-offness and giant monsters, which the game is all about. Interestingly, it’s also a game that focuses heavily on story, but I’m not allowed to say any more or Eidos will come round my house and steal my taps. I should add that all in this trailer is in-game footage, including the rather pretty sunsets. Oh, and the combat – let’s just say it’s better than it was.


  1. drunkymonkey says:

    That’s just as impressive as the WoW-flavoured ones Blizzard tend to release along with new patches. Some good voice-acting there, too.

    And it’s certainly gotten me interested in a game I previously had no interest in.

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    I played this earlier in the year and those epic scenes you see with giant castles and stuff are the actual dungeons in the game. They’re totally awesome.

  3. Cruz says:

    I’m looking forward to this as my last hope for a good while, in terms of a post-WoW MMO that I can really take to. Tabula Rasa just isn’t doing it for me, I just cannot get excited about the Warhammer, and everything else, I’ve tried and failed at becoming addicted to. You’d think I’dve had a cold turkey withdrawal from MMOs by now. Unfortunately not.

  4. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    Apparently one of the end-game classes is a Lich. Which is just awesome.

  5. yns88 says:

    On the topic of online games, it’s a bit of a wonder that RPS hasn’t said a word yet of Interplay’s new unannounced (Fallout) MMORPG…led by Jason D. Anderson of Fallout fame. Here’s an interview with Anderson about it:

    link to

    It really seems like it might be the game to actually bring change to the homogeneous state of MMOs today. I think it also says a lot that most Fallout-obsessed cRPG nuts are actually looking at this project with optimism.

  6. Chris says:

    MMORPG character models are still pretty chunky looking. That video could be from a PS2 game.

  7. Jae Armstrong says:

    Well, that seemed suitably bloody. Mighty thewed warriors with steel swords, treacherous magicians, foul demons and wenches as far as the eye can see. Such are the things Conan is made of. :)

  8. MisterBritish says:

    You actually met Ragnar? Did the world go into slow motion as you ran into each other’s arms?

  9. Solario says:

    I had just convinced myself that I wouldn’t bother with another MMORPG, and then I see this trailer and hear you guys say that the story is a big focus and… damn you. Damn you to Stygia.

  10. Joonas says:

    So it isn’t quite as nice looking in-game as it used to be, but I’m still interested. They’re doing lots of promising things with it, the meaty combat obviously one of them.

  11. ryan in exile says:

    What’s the dowry?

  12. Garth says:

    I was interested at first, but some of the commentary/interviews scared me a little. First off, I cannot figure out what the game is supposed to progress like: it sounds like every single end-game feature requires a guild. Something I do not subscribe to, heh, so to speak.

  13. Bobsy says:

    Can you still have your arm lopped off permanently?

  14. KruddMan says:

    I’m really hoping to like this game… but I haven’t seen any clear videos of the gameplay in action that have made it look good or fun yet. All the earlier combat sequences seemed clunky- just standard mmo combat with mo-capped action. All the trailers that make it look cool use really quick cuts

  15. MaxNormal says:

    That won’t play with the firefox in ubuntu. Even with the latest flash player. lame.

  16. John Walker says:

    Garth – Funcom has big Guild fans and big PvP fans – they’re building end-games for both, I believe.

    Bobsy – no idea.

    KruddMan – it’s anything but standard MMO combat.

  17. LaKriz says:

    The video didn’t touch me, this game looks boring. Another hyped game which soon will be forgotten (or sold for ten bucks).

  18. derFeef says:

    What I hear from the beta testers its gonna be awesome. I dont think this will soon be forgotten or something like hat. Its different and not that childisch than WoW. I am looking forward to it.

  19. LaKriz says:

    Any word of a demo?

  20. Spenceroo says:

    Well thank you now you got me all giggedy-giddy again. I so do hope this will be made of pure awesome and finally a valid alternative to the borefest WoW has become over the past month.
    Concerning the guild heavy endgame, atleast for the PvP siege parts they are planning to implement a sort of mercenary feature where people can lend their sword to the guilds participating in said siege battles. Which sounds oh so perfect imo. You get all the good stuff without having to completly devote all your time to some stupid guilds policy.

  21. Cruz says:

    Regarding the speculation about being “guild heavy”, read this interview.

    You can also solo the game all the way to level 80. We have tried to make the entire experience so that you can play alone whenever you want to, but the biggest fun in an MMO of course is the interaction with other people.

    Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about an MMO that allows you to skip group content altogether, as I wholly agree with the second sentence in the quote.

  22. Chris R says:

    Cruz, it is possible to level all the way to 70 in WoW solo as well, but you’d not be doing any of the lower level instances… maybe Conan would be similar? Plenty of Solo quests to get you to 80, but not doing any of the grouped instance dungeons?

    I hope it’s not like that though, because then you’d miss all the cool dungeons.

  23. John says:

    It’s basically that.

    And if you refused to join a guild, you’d miss out on lots of the cool non-combat stuff like building villages and so on.

  24. Glissando says:

    I mean to have this game, even if it must be burglary.