Devil May Cry 4

Last year I had quite a bit of fun playing Capcom’s hack ‘n’ quip demon-slaying game, Devil May Cry 3, on the PC. Needless to say there were guffaws from DMC console fans about its conversion to PC (and to the Old Man’s Method of mouse and keyboard) but it worked. It must have sold a few copies too, because Devil May Cry 4 has been confirmed for PC, albeit confirmed for an indistinct time after the 360 and PS3 versions.

More on foppish demon slaying after the jump.

The Devil May Cry series has made quite the tradition of its white-haired demon-slaying lead talking back to demons and then flailing about with sword and pistols to dispatch them, so we’re not expecting much to change with DMC4. In fact, even though the lead is now a different person, Nero, he does seem to be almost identical to Dante, the previous “Order of the Sword” chap. The crucial different between this and the previous game will be that Nero powers up by gaining additional powers for his demonic arm, rather than collecting weapons from bosses, as per his predecessor. And he’s pretty, oh so pretty. Ladies love cool Nero, etc…

Top Capcom game boffin Hiroyuki Kobayashi has also claimed that the game characters will be a little easier to control this time. It seems that demon slaying needs to be more accessible, which might speak somewhat of the series softening to be released on 360 and PC.

Anyway, here’s a video of Nero Dante fighting a snake-god woman thing:

Thanks, Game Trailers! We love your fringe.


  1. AK says:

    That’s Dante fighting the snake-god woman thing.

  2. Pidesco says:

    Weren’t the controls for DMC3’s PC version a complete disgrace, even with a gamepad?

    Because if not, I might just have to get it.

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    I actually couldn’t get a gamepad to work, so yes. But I played okay with mouse and keyboard.

  4. Jae Armstrong says:

    Not the greatest camera in the world, is it?

  5. Solario says:

    I thought 3 didn’t so much have a difficulty curve as a difficulty wall compared to the previous two installments. But the game has enough goodwill for me, that I’ll try out the fourth one as well.

  6. grey_painter says:

    Both DMC1 and 3 (let us not talk too much about 2) were tough games on normal. That is half the appeal of them, they make you work to progress so you actually feel like you’ve accomplished something when you beat a boss the size of a small house.

    I’m looking forward to DMC4 simply because it is a continuation of the series. And for once they’ve got more than 3 humans in it, which is a surprise to me.

  7. The_B says:

    I was playing with a 360 gamepad fine. I believe (but I could be wrong) that this was helped by a patch that was released soon after launch.

    But I do remember a few niggles about the controller. If only I could remember now exactly what they were, as I never got around to finishing DMC3 due to my hard drive dying at the time, and I never could be bothered to reinstall it knowing how much I had to play through again.

  8. AK says:

    I interviewed Hiroyuki Kobayashi and asked him explicitly about the difficulty compared to DMC3. “Much easier.” he said. Then I played DMC4 last week and, lo, it was much harder. Much, much harder. For instance; you have to fight Dante in the tutorial, and he’s as hard as Dante would be if you were controlling him. But it’s still great regardless.

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    […] rods. Trimline treadmills. Archives. October 2008. October 2009. Links. Wyou. Miata body kit …Devil May Cry 4 | Rock, Paper, ShotgunLast year I had quite a bit of fun playing Capcom's hack 'n' quip demon-slaying game, Devil May Cry […]

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