Borderlands: A Hell Of A Lot Of Guns

There’s a new video of Borderlands to enjoy.

Let’s try and imagine what it could look like. I want everyone to use their imaginations, and concentrate on the window just below this sentence.

Hey Gametrailers. What’s the problem? Too good to marry us? (Also, thanks).

As Jim mentioned, we’re rather excited about this one. It’s good to know that it won’t be possible without guns. A hell of a lot of guns. There’s screens to see here too. Only a year to wait!


  1. Andrew Doull says:

    English accents? Request for more guns? It must be a remake of Split Second

  2. CrashT says:

    Is the chick doing the VO the same one who played Bastila Shan in KOTOR, Jennifer Hale?

  3. Matt Dovey says:

    I’m actually a little disappointed that it’s just on another planet. I was looking forward to a genuine, honest-to-God Mad Max/Fist of the North Star post-apocalyptic raving-madmen nuclear HELL.

  4. Seniath says:

    CrashT: There is a hint of Jennifer in there, but I don’t it’s her, unless she’s putting on some new accent.

  5. Zeh says:

    People talking a good action game video does not make.

  6. Ging says:

    Andrew, you’ve forced me to borrow that off my housemate – I’d completely forgotten how awesome it is!

    Re: the video – gameplay next time please Mr Gearbox (at the very least, show us the “special” gun system in some form or another).

  7. Sam says:

    The start does sound a lot like Jennifer Hale. One of the best VO talent out there. Now… back to Mass Effect and Hale’s Shepard

  8. Gulag says:

    Hmm, interesting past that lady must have: Attended an English finishing school, spent some time in an industrial solvents plant, (Before the accident.) and wound up on an alien world working for the tourist board. Intriguing.

    That or the casting is stunningly mishandled.

  9. Rook says:

    I’m kinda disappointed there wasn’t more inflection on her voice to give you a hint that there’s something wrong with her voice. Maybe a drawl or something. It’s far to clean a voice that doesn’t really work.

  10. Kieron Gillen says:

    Sam: The female shepherd in Mass Effect is actually really good. Good work, Hale.


  11. roBurky says:

    Things I now know about Borderlands:
    It may involve shooting rhinos with a hell of a lot of guns.

  12. Kast says:

    God awful voice acting that. It’s so stilted and flat. Only saving grace is that it’s nice to hear a familiar accent for once.

    I’ll hold back on commenting about the rest of the video until I’ve seen some more evidence.

  13. Kieron Gillen says:

    Funnily, what it reminds me of is the starting monologue to my Cassandra Project.

    And, yeah, with a similarly questionable choice of voice-actor.

    (Actually, to be fair, it’s more to do with the voice *directing* in both cases. Those clipped english vowels could work interestingly with a better reading)


  14. rb_lester says:

    i think this may be the next game i spend all my time thinking about at night when i touch myself.

    Its been a while…..

    I have faith.

  15. ryan in exile says:

    i asked about the dowry last time.

  16. KruddMan says:

    It does exist!

    The vault, I mean… isn’t that it there at the end of the trailer?

    Hooray I win the game.

  17. Junior says:

    Hmmm, why did I come to this planet?

    OH YEAH, to play with lots and lots of guns!

    Yeah, thats my game within the game right there…

  18. kstop says:

    If you find the vault, do you get to have a picnic with cucumber sandwiches and crumpets and lashings of ginger beer?

  19. Kelduum says:

    The vault is a lie!

    And either its me, or some of the voice acting in Mass Effect (which is obviously Jennifer Hale) sounds a lot like Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Motoko Kusanai from the Ghost In The Shell series).

    The consort sounds just like her (as do some of the random NPCs occasionally), but too much like Jennifer to be a coincidence.

  20. StolenName says:

    Hmm, does sound like Jennifer. Man, shes an awesome voice actor.

    Borderlands is getting me a little excited but I’m trying to contain my anxiousness because I haven’t actually seen any of the gameplay yet. The titles Mad Max style vehicular combat and customisation options sound too good to be true.

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  22. Jonathan says:

    Oh it’s good for me to hear hot posh aristocrats swearing. I need a sit down, all the blood left my head.

  23. No Picnic says:

    Is it just me, or does she look like a splicer to anyone? It’s a shame she doesn’t have the same believability as the splicers’ (maniacal) voice acting. What got me the most was her face doesn’t seem convincing when she’s speaking. It seems like an animatronic splicer is talking to me.

    I like the monsters, though. The game has promise.

  24. Jonathan says:

    Could be a back story to the voice though.
    Such as she was a toff minor general who went rouge or mutinied against her supperiors so she could go searching for the vault. Then she fell asleep in a sandwich toaster.

    Or perhaps a Dune style dynasty where her family ruled the planet until the bad thing happened. Now she leads a tribe of old loyalists fighting off the invaders who came looking for the fictional vault. Then she mistook a fondue for a cup-a-soup.

  25. Okami says:

    Then she fell asleep in a sandwich toaster


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  28. nick says:

    This game sucks!