A Hard Day’s Peggle Nights. And Zombies.

While Englishman in New York San Fran Simon had mentioned it online before us, we got a copy of the relevant bits of PC Gamer US for a looksie. And lo! Pop Cap are really calling Peggle’s sequel Peggle Nights, PC Gamer US really did (righteously!) include it in their Top 8 games for 2008 and it really does offer us 65 new levels, a new character with power-up AND a game called Peggle Nights. Also, they’re working on something else…

We snagged evidence of an as-yet-unnamed survival-horror game that puts gamers against everybody’s favourite moaning, groaning unpleasant smelling adversary: the undead. That’s right – survival horror from the same folks that game us a strapping unicorn named Bjorn in peggle.

Speak for yourselves, PCGUS. Our favourite moaning, groaning unpleasant smelling adversary is John Walker. Thanks Gametrailers Carl Kwoh for the mag, wherein you can find more details and – gasp! – a screen.


  1. Nallen says:

    Enough is enough. What the hell is Peggle?

  2. dartt says:

    I wonder if Simon Peggle be involved in this unnamed zombie project.

    I’m so sorry.

  3. Flint says:

    Nallen: Peggle is awesome.

    link to popcap.com
    ^ A free browser version of it, which is quite stripped compared to the full version (which I must get someday).

  4. Evo says:

    Hmm, most intriguing :D

  5. Nallen says:

    Oh crap, that’s addictive

  6. Philip says:

    Nallen says: Oh crap, that’s addictive

    I believe there are sessions you can attend to help with Peggle addiction…

  7. Mr Pink says:

    I notice that peggle took a maximum of 13 minutes to assume its hold on Nallen. Doesn’t that make it more addictive than crack?

  8. Jon says:

    A new advertising slogan for Peggle perhaps…

    “Peggle, more addictive than crack!”

    I could see it working.

  9. Nallen says:

    It would defina…

    brb Peggle.

  10. Evo says:

    Bit of Bookworm Deluxe for me I think now…damn crappy uni lectures!

  11. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Damn it, I’ve weaned myself off Peggle once already. Stop reminding me I’ve still got two challenges left (the 750k and 1 mil points challenges iirc) to polish off.

  12. Nobby says:

    I reckon we’ll be getting a free trial/full version of Peggle Nights with Left 4 Dead.

  13. Piratepete says:

    mmmmm left 4 dead

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