Chris Taylor Interview

Just before the release of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, I sat down and had a chat with the ever-effusive Chris Taylor. It was a fun interview – it started casual enough, but amped up and up and up until Chris was saying things like…

“When I ride the lawnmower, I put my son on it, he falls asleep and when I’m mowing, I don’t think about steering and gas and cutting grass… I think about life. I think about work. I think about things I have to do. I recharge. I re-create. Not recreate. RE-create. I charge my batteries up. When I finish mowing the lawn, I haven’t done a chore – I’m actually ready to take on something. I’m sitting on my ass on a lawnmower, so there’s not a lot of physical energy there. That’s what I think gaming needs to be. Look at your Saturday. Do you want your entire Saturday to be laying around or do you want your whole Saturday to be about working, or would you rather a combination of both?”

Which is great. Lots more to read over here, including where he has his ideas, his love for Lego Star Wars and how he’s like his games.


  1. Iain says:

    I met Chris Taylor last September at the Supreme Commander preview event. He’s possibly the most awesome guy on the planet, and I mean that in the sense of inspiring awe, rather than just being a great guy (though he’s definitely that as well).

    The interview I had with him was definitely the highlight of the trip. Even if he did threaten to eat my Dictaphone… (I’m not kidding – I’ve still got the interview recording, and you can hear where he grabs the Dictaphone and goes all “RARRGH!! OM NOM NOM!!”)

    I think when Chris gets bored of making games, he’s going to start a religious cult, or something. He’s that kind of crazy-charismatic guy.

  2. Thelps says:

    Chris Taylor is a hero. If we’re ever invaded by a race of humanity-enslaving octo-squid-Nazis I bet Chris is the guy who galvanises the downtrodden desperate remnants into a global resistance.

  3. Nallen says:

    Great interview, I really feel like I should play Lego Starwars.

    Also, Strat-Zoom should be patched in to every RTS game ever made.

  4. Sucram says:

    KG maybe you should work with him, making some sort of lawnmower simulator.

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