The Expelations of The Little Green Pod Man

The latest addition to TIGSource’s cornucopia of experimental indie wonders is more than just an incredible name. It’s also the first game I’ve played this year which requires I transform into a carnivorous plant, chow down on tasty insect until I’ve grown into a really, really big carnivorous plant, then spit myself across the screen. Also included: shooting beehives with arrows, skiing on logs, and a lot of falling-based death.

It’s the aiming mechanism of Scorched Earth, Worms et al, the unashamedly weird cleverness of 8-bit-era bedroom programming, the difficulty curve of learning to ride an angry dinosaur, and the dreamlike but oddly unsettling music that I expect to hear if it turns out purgatory’s real and, yes, I do have to spend 400 years waiting there when I die.

Most importantly, it’s perfectly charming – as you’ll find out should you go download it from here. Extra points for the developer calling himself Omnimedium Studios – a name for a company destined to one day secretly rule the world if ever there was one.


  1. Thelps says:

    ‘Omnimedium’… that word is absolutely awesome on every level I can conceive of it on.

  2. Steve says:

    Fantastic. I can’t stop banging my stupid green head against logs and falling to my death, but I don’t care. The music is beautiful!

  3. Bob Arctor says:

    The music sounds like Old School Tie.