Warhammer: Online – New Trailers

As Warhammer: Online keeps slip-o-sliding further and further away, it can get tricky to maintain the correct amount of enthusiasm. I’ve been out to see the game in development a couple of times, and both visits have left me full of hope that this could be a meaty MMO to occupy a fair number of my evenings. And then I hear it’s been delayed again.

Any how, it’s now due for the middle of next year, and to keep us interested, EA/Mythic have released a couple of videos. There’s the Dark Elf Sorceress trailer, and then below the electronic hyper-jump, what is called the Inevitable City Trailer. Can we keep the momentum? Even if the betas hurriedly vanish, and the release date slides into a future with silvery suits and hoverboards?

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  1. Evo says:

    I’m just wondering when we’re going to find out if we are in the beta or not!

  2. Greger says:

    Oooh, looking very hawt miss elf. Will you marry me?

  3. darkripper says:

    You gonna play Spore and this game dressed like this

  4. Sander says:

    Yeah, those disappearing betas are worrisome. However: I find slipping release dates make me feel a great big lot more confident in the quality of an MMO, because MMO’s that get rushed to release are invariably disappointing (before they get cancelled). Also, going by the quality of the teasers WAR (aka WO colon AoR) is going to be the best MMO since the invention of something that was invented a long time ago.

  5. Kieron Gillen says:

    Sander: I agree. It’s a ballsy thing to do. I really hope it ends up good, as I’ve got a lot of affection for Warhammer.

    Also, I always enjoy watching Paul Barnett rant away.


  6. I_still_love_Okami says:

    I love him!

  7. Lu-Tze says:

    Well those 2 videos merely served to decrease my interest in the title.

    The first one outlines a class that everyone is going to hate, both to team with and to play. I don’t want the game to roll a “blow your head off” dice everytime I do anything. It’s never going to be easy to team with people that blow their heads off every 5 minutes, or else contribute very little. Yes I know there will be lots of work that goes into balancing it and so forth, but ultimately it’s a class that for you as the player or as a teammate has this little internal dice roll saying “Piss the player off”.

    The second one showed us some unlit, preliminary texture and modelled, non populated city. I might be wrong here, but i’d have expected something in that trailer to make me go “wow I want this game”. Either stunning architecture, amazing graphics, a thronged population… something that impresses me. If the most they can do to make me want the game is show me a floating eye… then I really despair.

    I want to love this game. I want it to be a complete WoW smasher, with better story, better locations, better graphics, better PvP… but everytime I hear more about it I lose a little bit of faith in that.

  8. Slappeh says:

    I agree with the above – I liked the first one because I’m a fan of that guy – hes a laff, but the second was just horrible out-dated looking balls imo.

  9. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    I just want to add the obligatory “WHY WASNT THIS SET IN THE 40K UNIVERSE” comment. Thanks.

    Seriously though, why?? *cries*.

  10. BKG says:

    Always great watching Paul talk the game up, I think when it gets released I’ll miss these videoes – it’ll probably be torn down by the usual bemoaning of balance and server creaks that MMO communities can spiral into.

    Its good they’re taking their time with it though, I’d rather know they’ve released the intended product than booted a bastardised version of The Vision out the door as the development coffers ran dry – a lot of my early disappointment with WoW after the initial intoxication wore off was looking around at all the unfinished corners of Azeroth.

    A big successful MMO is really a playground people are going to live a few hours a week in for a long time, so it’d be nice to see it launching with a finished, considered veneer the genre normally lacks, and worth the wait if it does.

  11. Lu-Tze says:

    Oh as regards the waiting time, that’s the one thing that’s actually bolstered my recent hopes. Testing means you should be able to go away and make improvements, too often you see Beta testing for MMOs run almost straight into the full game without fixing even the most trivial bugs that would take someone 2 minutes to knock on the head… it’s nice to know they aren’t afraid to go and genuinely rework things until they have addressed the problems the game had.

  12. Kieron Gillen says:

    The exploding head stuff is a… well, interesting one. That magic fucks you up is one of the key things in the world’s fiction, and if they *don’t* have some element of the game that ties to that, it’s going to feel very unwarhammery.

    But, yeah, point taken.


  13. Glissando says:

    Isn’t the correct amount of enthusiasm “meh, Wow clone, still Conan looks good”?


  14. Faust says:

    Every time I see something about WAR, I lament about WHO, the Climax developed project. It was wonderfully ambitious, and it was merely a lack of funds that didn’t see it through. It took the best ideas from a number of games; no leveling from EVE, roaming mobs forming NPC cities from DAOC, the ability to be nearly any profession from SWG. Why the pulled the plug I’ll never know. R.I.P. WHO.

  15. Rook says:

    Whilst I completely love the concept art, the actual in game footage that they have shown really doesn’t seem to match up with it that well. The concept art screams dark, broody, gothic , and the in game footage is all bright cartoony faff.

    I’d wish they’d try and copy Guild Wars a bit more (e.g. more realistic but fantastical) rather than World of Warcraft (Saturday morning cartoon).

  16. Stella Q says:

    I take it as a good sign that the game is delayed. Games lose so many potential customers in that first week if the release seems unfinished and buggy. Even if they quickly release new content and patches, most people that leave disappointed after a couple days will never come back. There are a lot of MMOs out there that fall into the “It’s actually pretty good now, but nobody cares” category. For long-term success it’s much better to delay until the product is perfectly fit for mass consumption.

  17. Steve says:

    I thought he was saying your head would possibly explode only if you used a huge amount of powerful spells? It seems like there’s a potential to injure yourself frequently, but not kill yourself.

  18. Noc says:

    I think the head-exploding mechanic is risky, but could pay off well. The problem is this: if it offers powerful enough spells to offset the risk, then when they DON’T backfire, everyone will be whining that they’re overpowered. But when they DO, they’ll be whining about how the class is useless. I’m all for a bit of risk in my fights – and straight-up, predictable battles are NOT Warhammer at all. And having your caster’s head pop right when he’s about to do something important is the kind of thing that makes an otherwise routine fight get suddenly interesting.

    But I can’t see the sort of gaming mentality that sits down to endlessly grind monsters for hours in an MMO meshing well with the mentality that enjoys the sort of unpredictable and tactically volatile carnage that results from a good Warhammer game. Strategy game players like their battles variable and interesting; MMO players like a build that can win all the time. However, if they can break the mold . . .

    I wasn’t too impressed with the second trailer, though. However:

    “meh, Wow clone”

    The irony here is sick. Sick. And not in an awesome way.

    Though I wasn’t too impressed with the second bit, either. I might feel differently if I had a better idea of scale . . . but if the camera angle is head-hight instead of dramatic ground-following hight, then they’ve fallen into the WoW trap of making all of the architecture needlessly huge. Big things don’t impress me. I want to see detail. Detail! Lots of junk on the ground that I have to wade through. Walls that aren’t sheer, thirty-foot planes of rock! Open spaces filled with crates and bodies and what-have you that I have to navigate around – or better yet, mantle over! Or push through!

    Still, I remain cautiously optimistic.

  19. Noc says:

    Also, I seem to be not too impressed with a LOT of things.

    Or maybe the same thing twice. That’s MINIMAL IMPRESSING, right there.

  20. Glissando says:

    Still, I remain cautiously optimistic.

    Of what? It doesn’t look to me that they’re really going to do anything better than WoW with four years of polish. You can shout ‘RvR’ all you like, it doesn’t change the sad realisation that this is looking a little like a sub-WoW car crash.

    At least Age of Conan seems to be trying to do something new with Fantasy-MMO-dom.

  21. Garth says:

    My problem with Age of Conan is that every single thing I read about leads me to believe you’ll require a Guild for anything endgame. Warhammer on the other hand, I’ve never been put off by, or engrossed by. It’s not that it’s “lolz a Wow clone” because they both have orcs and they’re both MMO’s, it’s more of a “what’s your identity?”

    The head-esplode mechanic is, in my opinion, one of those things that will probably be nothing like what they originally, or even now, envisioned. First off, killing the character for doing what they are supposed to (Mage = spells) is a bad idea. I realise it’s part of the mythos, and I appreciate that, but this is a game, and telling someone every couple minutes they’re going to self-immolate for casting magic-missiles is probably not the best option. Conversely, if you don’t have this part of the lore (and a reason to not go balls-out crazy with spells) you’ve done more of the same.

    So as I said, I predict a ‘ow, I hurt my hand’ effect, as opposed to a ‘blaraghhsdhsd’ explosion. Also, I think you’ll get about 50 warnings before you actually die, which isn’t Warhammery at all.

  22. Al says:

    why does the Chaos-style city appear to have been built on Xen? As a recovering warhammer addict, I recall little indicating cities floating in the aether… and certainly no headcrabs.

  23. Jocho says:

    First thing first, these two vids comes from their latest newletter about two weeks ago, intended for the fans. That last video isn’t even intended to be used for the public, but for – again – the fans. They’re not demanding things so complete the game could’ve been out yesterday, but just *anything* to still their footage-hunger. That video is the first footage from the Chaos Capital we’ve yet to see, and it’s likely showing the little parts that are fairly done. There’s not even light-effects it it, yet (the game will have lightning-effect, and it makes everything look a lot better)!

    Now, having dealt with that, the game seems to do a lot things good. It may share a lot of style with WoW, as warcraft is heavily warhammer-inspired, but the game’s focus is far away from WoW’s in the whole “everything goes to the war effort”-attitude and Open area RvR.

    It’s also worth pointing out that much of what these “class announcement”-videos are no describing tutorial, but pretty much the concept of the class that’s meant to make the class sound exitning – to the fans.

    Oh, and the Beta should restart anyday now. They’ve stated something like “middle of december” or just “december”, and is going to be a-few-day-long betas testing something in particular they’ll later work on with the feedback gathered. And during these two months, they’ve added several mecanics thanks to feedback, as well.

    Now, to not sound like any sort of fanboy (which I will in any case), I am looking forward to see what AoC can do, too. It sounds like a really innovative, although niched, title that can be a lot of fun. I just don’t think that’s reason enough to dismiss this title as a generic wow-clone. And, as I’ve just stated, these vids ain’t, either.

  24. Heartless_ says:

    Damn all the haters.

    Everyone needs to take Paul Barnett on the light side of things, as he talks about Warhammer lore more than WAR the game.

  25. Nick says:

    Paul Barnett is awesome.

  26. malkav11 says:

    I could see the dangers of meddling with chaos for magical power represented as a meter that climbs whenever you use magic, increasingly debilitating past a certain point, fatal at the top, which would have to be carefully managed during play with, I dunno, certain recharging abilities, items, something quasi-setting appropriate. Kinda like the toxicity meter in The Witcher. I’d also like to see mutations from prolonged exposure to chaotic energies.

  27. Arathain says:

    I think the dangerous magic thing sounds fantastic. I love the idea of an increased-risk-for-increased-power trade off, and as long as the player is able to manage the risk with their actions it’ll lead to all sorts of interesting moments. Can’t wait to see how they manage Orcish Shamans. Heads popping all over, I shouldn’t wonder.

    That said, it’s hard to see how this’d fit in a gaming environment like WoWs high level raids and instances, where everything has to be known and controlled. On the other hand, if the game is a bit more flexible and forgiving, like City of Heroes/Villains, it could be heaps of fun.

  28. Saskwach says:

    That video… irked… my ex-Warhammer fluff junkie personality. I tried not to listen but the whole way through I was hearing “Dark Elf society doesn’t allow male sorcerors!” and “That kind of risky magic stuff is WAY more orc style than Dark Elf. I mean, which one has the specifically designed Miscast chart with extra head asploding?”
    Yes I have a problem.
    As people have mentioned it’s a risky mechanic to make in an MMO but could be great fun and is very Warhammerish.

  29. Bamii says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that for about 80% of that movie Barnett is on a rampage about the “superduper” fact you cannot only be a female but *drum rolls* a MALE as well!? Seriously, I figured they would’ve at least be able to show us some ingame pew pew-ing by now. The longer this game is in development, the less enthousiast I get. I really want it to be good, I’m just really affraid it wont.

  30. spirit7 says:

    The graphics look AWFUL.

  31. twb says:

    Is it just me, or does Paul have a kind of haunted, hysteric air about him these days? At first, he really seemed to be having a spot of fun, but now I feel slightly ill watching the videos. It’s like someone’s sitting behind the camera with a loaded pistol: “All right, Paul, we’re sixteen months late on the schedule, the graphics came right out of Half-Life: Opposing Force, and GW’s saying disturbing things about about pulling the license. The boys in coding tell me you’re funny, Paul. A funny man. A funny man who’s done a poor job of hiding his family from us. So be funny, Paul. Be funny like your life depends upon it.

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