JoJo’s Fashion Show

Despite being someone who allowed his fashion sense to condense into a comfortable black shadow about a decade back, I found myself unable to resist playing Gamelab’s recent game: Jojo’s Fashion Show, because I’m perfectly at home with my inner cliched bitchy gay fashionista.

Clothes are in this year.

In short: You have to dress models as fashionably as possible to fulfill a vague look (“Racy”, “Summer”, “Bridal”), then push them onto the runway to see how your taste in fashion matches the games. While clearly aimed outside the traditional gamer market, there’s something intrinsically funny about imagining the standard gamer demographic obsessively playing it. And it’s actually neatly done, polished and better than you’d expect it to be. There’s a 2 Peggles Demo available to try, which gives you an hours free play, but I suspect you’ll find some further impressions and/or ladies in their undergarments beneath the cut.

Seriously, I wasn’t joking:
Maybe that's a bit too racy.

And, yeah, I’m over-acting to reaffirm my MAN CREDENTIALS or some Neanderthal shit, because I spent close to the hour on this before stopping, realising it’s not an incredibly hardcore turn-based strategy game. It’s basically an action-puzzle game, based around pattern recognition – that is, the family tree derived from Tetris. You’re presented with a set problem (a model who must be dressed in a certain style), a set amount of resources (some clothes) and a time-limit to do it against. The thing being, choosing the optimum piece is based on fashion rules, and your ability to identify how well any one garment fills it. For example, clothes which work well when you’re trying to dress like a Hippie include…

Never trust a hippie.

Sadly, as you see, not washing and and using your own faeces as aftershave isn’t in the list, but you get the point. In practice, when you understand the rules and assuming you know what a fringe is, you can just riff off the word. After all, you already know that the tiny red shorts may not be exactly suitable for a Bride, but is de rigeur if you’re the personal shopper of The Duloks. Even so, there’s all sorts of good dressing rules based around classic looks buried in there – exactly WHAT should you do to best set off cowboy boots? Jojo’s fashion show knows, even if you don’t. Problems hit, because what you’ve got on your hangers may not always exactly be optimal – limited power-ups can be lobbed at the problem to reshuffle the, or automatically go for a matching outfit. Accessories can enliven – but not save – lack-lustre outfits and so on and so forth.

But primarily, it’s a game which really enjoys watching Sex and the City. And thats’ fine. It’s about six times as good as it should be – which, admittedly, isn’t very good – and if it something inspired by it doesn’t end up on the DS within twelve months, I’ll be very surprised.

Someone is having trouble with the concept of


  1. mno says:

    Damn, that sure is “stick-people”. BMI around 15? Didn’t know there was a worldwide famine among in-game people :-D

  2. Ben Abraham says:

    There sure is! All the men in GoW stole it all… freaking freaks! Those guys look like they all eat horses… 0_0

  3. po says:

    Why does the fasion industry love women who look like shrink wrapped coat hangers?

  4. The Soviet Onion says:

    [This sort of line not really appreciated, Soviet. Please, knock it out. – RPS Sinister Enforcement Protocol]

  5. MPK says:

    /emote waits for the speed run video

  6. Nick says:

    Ban size 0!

  7. DigitalSignalX says:

    White after labor day? tsk tsk

  8. Paul Moloney says:

    In my 7-year quest to find a video game that my wife likes, this one has probably come closest; it kept her way up past her bedtime last night. It’s actually a fun little game, even though the designers seem to have odd ideas about what constitutes “rock” fashion (black tight trousers are not in this season it seems).


  9. Ben Abraham says:

    In Soviet Onion, comment bans YOU!!

  10. Worm says:

    Woah, totally deleted my comment! It’s pretty lol that all he’s got is “not pretty good” after playing it for his full demo hour and trying to restart the game mistaking the demo limit for a crash, then THEN, he I guess goes and watches some like really violent porn (but when is it not?)

  11. Juhani Polkko says:

    Just to let you know, if anyone in Europe who liked this game wants to buy the full version without a credit card or PayPal, it’s now possible at XIHA using bank giro transfer: link to

    XIHA Games

  12. aldo says:

    Ban size 0!

    Hey, my wife is naturally a size 0!

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  14. Teenage Riot! Mean Girls for PC | Rock, Paper, Shotgun says:

    […] also following it with Clueless as Jojo’s Fashion School and Pretty in Pink as some kind of hidden picture game apparently, both of which sound a lot more […]

  15. sisihannahmontana says:

    this game is so so cool!!!

  16. Ashliey says:

    cool for like an 8 year old. im 13 so… no way. it leaves a bad impression to kids that since they are really thin, the kids should be really thin. then say hello to bulimia, anarexia, and sometimes death! :)

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