Spector on… well, Everything.

As readers of our comments threads will know, the day after we had our last – er -chat with Warren Spector, I was heading off to London to have a chat with Real Warren Spector. Luckily, he hadn’t seen our previous post. He was, however, in a fine mood. Unable to talk about what he’s acually doing for Disney, when asked about what the response will be upon its announcement he says…

“I don’t have to speculate. I know what it’s going to be. And I can’t wait. Oh my God. It’s going to be like the world came to an end. Absolutely. I’m going to be vilified. I’m going to be accused of selling out, yet again. It’s going to be glorious. Just glorious.”

He also gives his opinions on Deus Ex 3, Bioshock, audience reaction, what it’s like being a games developer in his fifties, how bloody hard it is making Immersive Sims, how he wants shorter games, Portal and how he’d like to try making an MMO. Fun stuff. Go read.


  1. Kast says:

    Inspiring stuff. Very exciting to see how excited Spector is himself.

    I am often worried by how little games developers actually play games these days. How can you stay cutting edge in both technology, ludology and gaming criticism without thoroughly exploring the latest games (and old games, and even other forms of entertainment, for that matter.)

    And yay for shorter games. As someone who at least attempts to finish every game once as a matter of pride, I’m shocked and amazed by how little other people do so. So shorter, more concentrated gaming experiences seem the way to go to ensure everyone gets the most out of games.

  2. Allen Varney says:

    Warren brought me aboard on his current project for a few months in early 2006 to help with some concept work. I agree with Warren’s prediction of the preliminary fan reaction when they first hear of his project; fans will hate-hate-hate the idea. But — not to engage in hype here (at least not wildly premature hype) — when they hear more details, and see the cool concept art and screenshots, I think most skeptics will say, “Yeah, okay, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.” I hope they’ll give the game a fair hearing, which is all Warren ever wants or needs.

  3. dartt says:

    Wow, it’s exciting to hear you are working on Warren’s new game. Is it related in any way to any of your past projects?

  4. Chis says:

    If it involves Disney characters, I’m not interested. There are some things you just grow right out of.

  5. Zuffox says:

    You think WHAT about Final Fantas-

  6. yns88 says:

    I’m a little confused. Is this actually going to be a PC game? Because if I know Disney right they’d go for console exclusives. I’m willing to bet we won’t get much more than a PC port of a console game, but I’d be delightfully surprised if we actually got a *gasp* PC exclusive from this game.

    And if so, does this mean it’s gonna be Kingdom Hearts set in the Forgotten Realms? (You know you were all thinking it)

  7. Roosterfeet says:

    He thinks they SUCK!!!! Just like all 12 hour Japanese films with occasional interactive intermissions. See also: Metal Gear Solid.

  8. yns88 says:


    Hey, Metal Gear Solid was an awesome game (though I can’t say the same of MGS2, and haven’t played enough of MGS3 to have a valid opinion).

  9. Garth says:

    “He also gives his opinions on Deus Ex 3, Bioshock…”
    That’s a little misleading ;)

    I liked the interview, if short. Turns out designers are human, who knew?

  10. Seth Tipps says:

    Whoa, he kinda took to you. Did he take you out for a pint later? Rather humorous considering the contents of the last “Warren Spector” piece.

  11. arqueturus says:

    I think Kieron and Warren are mates or regular aquaintances for a long time at least. Perhaps.

  12. Kieron Gillen says:

    Seth: I’ve interviewed him several times, so we’re quite chatty.

    Garth: There’s a big chunk of less mainstream Spector chat which I’ll lob up on RPS in January.