Duke Nukem Forever Trailer: Actually Here’n’Stuff

Naw, I’m just yanking your chain. The real deal’s after the jump.

HD version available from Primotech here – gentlemen, start your freeze-framing.

Initial thoughts: yep, that’s most definitely a Duke Nukem game. A Duke Nukem game that looks a little bit Doom 3 engine-y, quite frankly, but that may just be me projecting, what with Prey being the last game 3D Realms was even slightly involved with.

Absolutely no idea what it plays like, of course. But hey, it’s fun. Ish.

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  1. Gulag says:

    When are we going to see another TF2 short? Huh?! Well Valve? Job half done, get cracking!

  2. essell says:

    Looks awful. It’s like a satire of shit videogames.

  3. Leelad says:

    You think duke’s just been working out for that past 15 years and is ready to make a Hulk Hogan style come back?

    Certainly looks like it.

    I couldn’t give a crap if it ran on the Dizzy Island adventure engine to be honest. I just want it.

  4. Leelad says:

    Just thinkin where i’d heard one of those sounds before, the first time it cuts to gameplay action sounds like the bit in Transformers when the guy is giving the brief and says “the only clue we have is this sound” followed by the wail of the decepticon who hacked the base in Quatar at the beginning of the film.

  5. Willem says:

    Didn’t Duke look less homosexual in the last game? I could’ve sworn he didn’t look so gay. My childhood! Ruined! ;_;

  6. CrashT says:

    essell, wasn’t that all Duke Nukem 3D ever was anyway?

  7. essell says:

    CrashT: Knowingly dumb doesn’t mean satire.

  8. essell says:

    “3. IT’S NOT USING THE DOOM 3 ENGINE. And even if it was, Doom 3 didn’t suck because of the doom 3 engine, it sucked because it took the mother of all FPS games and turned it into a really cramped corridor shooter that tried to be scary by having things jump out at you every bloody 3 seconds.” – Roryok

    Doom 3 only did that because of the technical limitations of the engine on the hardware of the time. Carmack aimed a little too high and the game design paid the consequences.

  9. Joe says:

    Does anyone else think that having the initials DNF is a little suspect. Also meaning Did Not Finish. Maybe this is a clue that they will never finish it, I mean come on its taken ages, and the trailer really didn’t show anything. Just a big tease.

  10. MonkeyBizniss says:

    capital MEH!

  11. roryok says:

    you can’t have a capital meh. thats like standing on a building and shouting “IGNORE ME!”

  12. lbq2ts says:

    thank you for the post !