Ship Simulator 2008, Ahoy

I reviewed the 2007 version of this game and was oddly entranced. The game is made up of a series of commercial missions in which you sail boats from point A to point B – a task that is surprisingly tricky to get right without causing enormous damage to your simulated vessel. I can’t quite imagine why people would want to play multiplayer games of it, however, which is the big innovation for the 2008 version of the game.

– Multiplayer functionality: For the first time in the Ship Simulator series, players can now sail around in their favourite environment with all of their Ship Simulator friends.
– In-game download and rating of Custom Missions: The Mission Editor enables users to create custom missions and share these online with the Ship Simulator community.
– Even More Realistic – Radio sounds on the bridge have been added.
– Better Customization – Select a starting point in a sailing environment in both Free Roam and Multiplayer modes.

If all this floats your boat, then take a look at the official site.


  1. Kieron Gillen says:

    I think getting hold of code of this then playing multiplayer should be in our new years things to do.


  2. No Picnic says:

    Which is the key for battening down the hatches?

    Also, on an ocean liner, aren’t all the keys cruise controls?

  3. dartt says:

    I think getting hold of code of this then playing multiplayer should be in our new years things to do.

    Any excuse to crack open the rum.

  4. fluffy bunny says:

    This isn’t a new game, but a free patch for the version that was released this summer.

  5. Muscrat says:

    Actually powerboat racing in choppy water of multiplayer would be freakigng awesome…..

  6. Tim Stone says:

    Nice to see MP added, but I reckon most Ship Simmers would have preferred a ship importer.

    This guy – link to – has done some fabulous add-on vessels for MSFS, wants to get them into SS too, but currently has no way to do it. Frustrating.

  7. Cigol says:

    I still can’t believe Microsoft haven’t taken them to court. Their design is a complete and utter rip off of Flight Simulator and could easily be considered piggy-backing.

  8. Alex McLarty says:

    Oddly, oddly appealing.

    Do we get to import humans and sell them? Or toss them overboard if the Coastguard show up?

    Just imagine it:

    “Hit K to equip your AK47”
    “New objective: kill all Coastguard”

    Too far?