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First Contact: Planetfall, a splendid Far Cry mod.

Over at Moddb, they’ve announced their not-that-shortlist of the 100 best mods released this year, as voted for by their readers. Or, more likely, by the various and rabid fanbases of the respective mods. Which sort of means that whichever mod has the busiest forum/ most militant fans wins. I guess that’s no different from any other form of modern democracy, really. Suggestion to Moddb: lock a load of PC gamers in your cellar, force them to play mods all day every day, but don’t let them anywhere near the internet. Then, each Christmas, tell them to vote for their favourite just before you treat them to their annual festive whipping. It’s the only way to be sure.

Anyway, there’s a load of excellent mods we’ve gibbered about on RPS over the past six months (goodness, we’ve gotten old. I hope the kids still think we’re hip) in the list.

A quick scan turns up Minerva, Half-Life 2 Wars, First Contact: Planetfall, Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Fortress Forever, Battlestar Galactica Beyond The Red Line and Battlestar Galactica Fleet Commander.

It’s an impressive line-up, and confirms it’s been a very good year for mods. It feels like amateur projects are truly nipping at the multi-million-dollar heels of commerical games now – most especially in terms of ambition. And pleasingly wilful disregard for intellectual property copyright, natch.

Avail yourself of the usefully-collected download links and vote for your favourites here. We expect you to have played all 100 mods by tomorrow lunchtime.


  1. Homunculus says:

    Nothing has consumed more of my free time this year than the Civilization 4 mod Fall From Heaven 2. Other games come and go, and they’re nice ‘n’ all, but this is the one I return to time and again, sometimes post facto cursing myself for allowing it to swallow up weekends that I’d mentally dedicated to working on various projects.

    It’s a total conversion that makes it play like Master of Magic. The leaders are as memorable as the ones from Alpha Centauri.

    You can commit genocide on Elves.

  2. kuddles says:

    Uh, like half of the mods listed haven’t been released yet. Kind of disappointing that they would do that, especially when several games well known for excellent modding communities (the first Neverwinter Nights comes to mind) are left off completely.

  3. Theory says:

    Uh, like half of the mods listed haven’t been released yet.

    There are separate awards for released and unreleased.

  4. Cargo Cult says:

    A non-mod in the unreleased list I’m utterly intrigued by is Infinity: the Quest for Earth. More than reminiscent of a certain Elite 2: Frontier, and with procedural generation of content just about everywhere, it’s got Eve-destroying, seamless transitions from solar systems down to planetary surfaces. No idea if it’ll ever get finished or released, but there’s definitely a vast amount of programming and design talent behind it.

    There’s a downloadable combat prototype already available, so it’s far beyond the usual ideas-but-no-ability stage…

  5. Pod says:

    I think everyone should not only vote for, but download and play Empires for Half Life 2. It’s like Natural Selection, but with tanks.

  6. Masked Dave says:

    I finally got around to playing Minerva: Metastasis yesterday (I was in dire need of some straight forward, single player shooting action) and my God it’s amazing! Utterly, utterly brilliant.

    Some of that architecture was just awe inspiring.

  7. Kieron Gillen says:

    Homunculus: I keep on meaning to play it, but I haven’t got the latest Civ4 add-on.


  8. DigitalSignalX says:

    It would have been nice to see the good folks at Team Gizka get a nod (even though their mod is in beta) for finishing the horribly rushed final chapters of Knights of the Old Republic II Sith Lords and fleshing out numerous missing features that were included in the releases files but never made it into the actual game.

  9. Andrew Doull says:

    Have to second Cargo Cult on Infinity: The Quest for Earth. The best argument for it is an in-engine video which includes one of the great seamless transitions that you mention.Go watch it here.

  10. WCAYPAHWAT says:

    Sorry lads. Shockwave for Zero hour gets my vote. I’ve seen the amount of work those guys have put into it, They really have reached their goal, to make zero hour the way it should have been. Also, great fanbase, And they just released the new version the other day, after months of Duke Nukem-esque “When its done” comments. Top stuff.

  11. DigitalSignalX says:

    Wow Andrew, thanks for that link, awesome vid. I still have Homeworld 2 installed on my PC, and seeing that gives me hope for the faltered epic space fleet genre of games.

  12. Ging says:

    I’ve dropped a vote in for Infinity, been watching that bad boy developer for what seems like forever – it’s a point of excitement when I see a journal update of Ysaneyas over at or an infinity post on moddb (admittedly, they tend to be the same bit of news, but they do sometimes appear on one and not the other). I fail to follow anything on the actual infinity site though.

    For actual released mods in the top 100… *cough*The Hidden*cough*

  13. Ging says:

    Hmm, while “bad boy developer” does vaguely work… I think I probably meant “bad boy develop”…

  14. Bunnyjen says:

    Hey thanks for this article. I am from the team who created First Contact Planetfall. If you haven’t voted yet or are un sure of which to vote for, please do check out our page on mod db. :) Lots of great entries in this years competition, it is going to be tough!

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