EG Top 50 Madness Mayhem Spectacular

While it seems almost impossible that you might need another Christmas run-down, the handsome chaps at Eurogamer have shamelessly copied our idea by starting their annual (oh, wait) Top 50 countdown.

“So, as we often point out, the EG Top 50 is not definitive. Top 50 lists never will be unless they fairly reflect what everyone who plays games thinks, and even then they will be open to criticism because not everyone has played everything. The point of ours is to show you how we approached, digested and now view 2007 collectively. And so we can argue with Alec Meer about how much he likes Peggle.”

It just so happens that you might find witty, incisive comments from us chaps popping up throughout, and if that’s not an incentive to look, then it’s like I don’t even know you. The list continues, 10 games a day, for the rest of the week. So stay tuned, between stuffing yourself with stuffing.


  1. Cigol says:

    Where is the rest of the list at, it seems to end rather abruptly?

  2. Janek says:

    I should think they’re going to be trickling in over the next few days in the run up to NYE.

  3. Kismet says:

    Funny how a not-so-small-part of the comments in a top-50 games of the year parade are quite critic of the games themselves (I suspect an English failure here due to excess of chocolate liquor, but I’d probably have trouble in my native language as well at the moment, so be even more patient than usual), my grumpy self is pleased.

    Anyway, is Rich Leadbetter the Richard Leadbetter who used to write for CVG when we were all young and innocent, and being a videogamer was something to hide to the world?

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