While I weight up the possibility of starting Christmas shopping and/or working out how to get back to my hometown of Stafford, Colin Pyle brings us news that Shacknews brought him news of some leaked footage for something that looks an awful lot like Starsiege Tribes from GarageGames… founded by members of Dynamix… who… made… Starsiege tribes. Woo!

NOT tribes

Garagegames have stressed this is alpha footage and wasn’t meant for anything other the internal use – which always makes me image everyone crawling into the Lead Designer’s guts any time they want to look at it – but it’s over at Shacknews, along with some other captures too. It seems to be part of Garagegames InstantAction initiative, which will be launching next year. If you haven’t heard of it, imagine ULTRA-FLASH meets Post-Steam. Or something.


  1. NightShade says:

    Why can’t they just make a remake of Tribes or Tribes 2 where they do nothing but enhance the graphics :(

  2. Muscrat says:

    I’d kill for a new Tribes game…
    Still its a pity Tribes V sold so poorly, it twas still a great Tribes game :(

  3. Zeh says:

    More about InstantAction:

    link to

  4. Zeh says:

    Oh, and I still think RPS need some interview to kind that stuff. With IA and Quake Zero going for “web based” games, and the recent Unity framework also taking advantage of browsers, there’s a whole new platform for PC games being born.

  5. Matt says:

    That screenshot reminds me of space harrier.

  6. Dyrwen says:

    Reminds me of footage I found on Youtube of Garage Games’ new game “Legion”, which was talked about a long time here.

    This is the same game, I imagine?

  7. Hump says:

    Theres plenty of commentary over at Shacknews by Tim Aste, Garage Games dude par-excellence. Theres also several long posts at forums but only a crazy person would wade into that cesspool of entitled crybabies and elitist brow-beaters.

  8. DigitalSignalX says:

    @Muscrat, amen, new Tribes would be lovely. Since we’re wishing, with the Bungie break-away perhaps we’ll get a lovely sequel to old school IP like ONI :)

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  10. zeh school says:

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