Lego Portal

No, not some incredible hybrid game announcement, but an awesome piece of Lego modeling over on Brickshelf.

Today, incidentally, is Boxing Day, or the UK’s official “Day After Christmas Day”. It is traditionally the day that gamers spend the entire day locked in a room playing something awesome. (To be fair, we spent most of yesterday playing videogames too, but hey.) If gaming were a religion, this would probably be our holy day. So that’s what I’m going to to do, right now… But what to play? That copy of The Witcher is looking peculiarly tempting.

What did you get for Christmas, readers?


  1. KindredPhantom says:

    I got no games for Christmas, just clothes and £50.

    But due to your coverage of STALKER in the 24 games of Christmas i did decide to purchase that again a few days ago so i have that to play. I also have the introversion anthology to play. But more importantly fresh meat in Team Fortress 2 to frag. :D

  2. Crispy says:

    Actually I tried to stick away from games since I’m already behind on completing S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Broken Sword II and Eternal Darkness, and I haven’t even started Episode 2 or Brothers in Arms. I did finish Paranoia mod for Half-Life, though.

    Instead I’m doing some catching up on cult TV. I got Spaced series 1 & 2, 24 season 3 and Firefly, so I’ve mainly been vegetating on the couch like a good Mr. Potato should.

  3. Feet says:

    Games wise I got Guitar Hero 3 and Ace Combat 6 for my 360. I’m gonna spunk up some cash in the sales for various awesome PC bits in the sales too. The Witcher is £16 on Amazon. The complete Baldurs Gate series is a fiver on Play. All that should sort me for a long time to come.

  4. Andrew Doull says:

    The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night; and both versions of the Transformers game for the DS (actually for my birthday but it’s close enough).

    The really depressing thing is my wife did lots of research and made the effort to go out and buy them cheaper on Ebay.

    I love her…

  5. Arnulf says:

    EVE and Heretic.

    PS. Portal is a phenomenon…

  6. Arnulf says:

    Ooops. I meant I’ve been playing those two… actually I got no games for Christmas. But Portal I’ve made myself a present in November already. ^^

  7. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    Heretic – a classic. I didn’t get that though. I got..

    Company of Heroes GOLD edition (loving it, but I wish it was set in the 40k universe so badly!), Tabula Rasa and some wii games including Super Mario Galaxy, which is intense.

    I also got some things that weren’t games. Pah.

  8. Seniath says:

    I got some money that will be used to pay off my overdraft. And waiting for me today is nothing but a thrilling pile of revision. Whoever thought “I know, lets give students exams right after their christmas holidays” deserves to be shot. In the face. Repeatedly.

  9. Ben Hazell says:

    Love the portal model.

    Today I will mostly be playing, Psyconaughts, having grabbed a 360 gamepad for the holiday.

  10. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    Let me know if you can get Pyschonauts to work with the 360 pad – I tried and failed miserably.

    Assuming you’re playing it on the pc… but I assume you’d already have a pad for your xbox.

  11. Tom says:

    No games for me so far this year (and the only one on the list was Mass Effect), but I’ve got Disgaea on the PSP to tide me over once reading matter dies down. That’s an ace game, that.

    And then (mock me how you will, PC owners), when I get home from relatives, I have a red-ring-of-death’d 360 waiting for me. It died as I was packing.

    Also, I might buy Peggle for myself.

  12. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    I didn’t actually receive any games for Christmas, but I picked up the Dawn of War ‘Platinum Edition’ the day before the Steam sale started. They only knocked $3 off it’s price though, so I don’t feel like a complete chump.

  13. Imperialles says:

    I got Crysis. Which, surprisingly, runs rather well on my barely-minimum-specs PC. Of course, it looks rather ugly.

    But today I’ll finally be able to play Mass Effect. That’s pretty much the plan for today. ‘Ta.

  14. I_still_love_Okami says:

    I played Armageddon Empire, actually winning once using a custom built deck. Yay for me!

    I also restarted the NWN2 addon, this time using a female Wild Elf Barbarian. Last time I played it, I screwed up my char’s built and went to Sunken City too early, effectively making the game impossible to win for me.

    I’d really like to complete The Witcher at one point. Maybe I’ll play that today.

  15. FaceOmeter says:

    Of course, it’s only a small step from a Box to a Cube, which makes today especially special


  16. James Wallis says:

    I got Mass Effect and PGR4. w00t. If the Post Office hadn’t screwed up I’d have got Orange Box too.

    Al, my brother-in-law and partner-in-crime, got Crysis, Big Brain Academy and Sight Training. Some potential borrows there.

    Will see how cheaply I can pick up Crackdown (most underrated title of 2007) and Eternal Sonata in the sales.

    With all that, I suspect I’m never going to finish Bioshock.

  17. Alex Grose says:

    Unreal tournament 3 was my Christmas Present.
    Installing Now.
    Would probably have time to play the original HL2 while it is installing if my DVD drive wasn’t otherwise engaged.

  18. Tr00jg says:

    God of War. :D

  19. Thiefsie says:

    I got myself, PGR 4, Ace Combat 6 and Senko no Ronde for xmas, but have been busily playing Mass Effect with little distraction for the last week or so. Even though it has so many problems with it, it is still greatly engaging. Perhaps the semi-interesting, not really cliched, non-nerdy (star wars or worse) story has something to do with that.

    Finishing Crysis is next on the cards along with Assassin’s Creed, and then onto the Witcher!

    (All the while bolstered by playing of Phoenix Wright 2 and 3, Trauma Centre and Phantom Hourglass, with a smattering of Slitherlink and Picross)

  20. Stew says:

    I’m blowing cash on the NWN 2 expansion, The Witcher, and more memory—a gig and a half just isn’t enough any more.

  21. Sarum says:

    No games, just an expresso machine and a pile of clothes (usual stuff, socks, ties, jumper, etc). I’d argue the expresso machine is games-related hardware in that it enables extended late-night gaming sessions… but it’s weak, I know.

    I’ve got games on my “Sales Shopping” list if that counts…

  22. Thelps says:

    Everyone here spend your hard-begged Xmas money on Supreme Commander or its expansion (or both). It has a ridiculously steep learning curve but these damnable RPS-folk refuse to give the beautiful thing what I consider due credit.

    In the words of Arnie: DO IT. DO IT NOW.

  23. WCAYPAHWAT says:

    Only game I got was Lego Starwars for my DS. PC wise i got a G9 mouse, for playing all the games I already have. Also, spending these holidays playing through NWN2 and MotB. With a half-drow warlock.

  24. No Picnic says:

    Hmmm, it looks like Lego Chell had those leg prosthetics removed, ouch!

  25. fluffy bunny says:

    My plan was to spend the day playing Fall of Heaven 2 for Civilization IV, but then I got hooked on this stuff:

    link to


  26. Kareem says:

    World in Conflict installed. Preparing to be wiped off the map by hostile Russian forces.

  27. Kismet says:

    Gaming *is* a religion (warning, may sound a bit blasphemous for the most sensible readers).

    I’m dedicating the afternoon to gaming, a bit of Quake Wars as usual probably (my current favourite drug), as there should be a few friends online today, but I’d like to fill in some more relaxed title, either RPG (Mask of the Betrayer, bought at release, is still waiting for my attention) or Strategy – I’d prefer turn-based while still trying to digest Christmas lunch but I’ve got nothing around (still waiting for Beyond the Sword to reach my mailbox). Maybe I’ll just go for Space Rangers, as a mix of the genres (though the strategy part should be real time if I remember correctly).

    Overall, I’ve got an embarrassing amount of games piled up on shelves that I still even have to install, so it’s getting a bit hard to decide which one should I favour these days I’ve got a lot of contiguous time to spare.

    And curse Steam and its discounts, need to make up my mind about which titles to add to my digital vault…

  28. dhex says:

    happy day of boxes and stuff.

    i got basically everything except call of duty 4, which for some reason in manhattan (according to the wife) was priced at $100 USD the week before christmas. weird, huh?

    but yeah crysis, perseus mandate, hellgate, even blacksite. (not sure how that one is going to work out, to be sure.)

  29. Dan Forever says:

    Mass Erect, which I’m finding is actually keeping my attention surprisingly well for a game that is mostly conversation trees, so thumbs up to Bioware!

    Also got NHL 2K8, which we’re going into town tomorrow to replace with NHL ’08. Oh it may seem like a small difference, but it was the demo of EA’s version that myself and my brother have been whittling away our time with, and it was NHL ’99 that stole so many hours away from us back in the day. I feel old now, and I’m only 23 >_

  30. Dan Forever says:

    Bah, it doesn’t like arrow smilies! :(

    Mass Erect, which I’m finding is actually keeping my attention surprisingly well for a game that is mostly conversation trees, so thumbs up to Bioware!

    Also got NHL 2K8, which we’re going into town tomorrow to replace with NHL ’08. Oh it may seem like a small difference, but it was the demo of EA’s version that myself and my brother have been whittling away our time with, and it was NHL ’99 that stole so many hours away from us back in the day. I feel old now, and I’m only 23 :(
    We used to play ’99 with me on my sidewinder joystick and him on keyboard. But now I’ve got a 360 and it seems more suited to that platform than PC, so we’ll be on a more level playing field :)

    I think this is the first christmas in a long time I haven’t asked for anything PC related. That might be because my good PC is currently in Newcastle awaiting my return after the holidays and I’d rather not sit around staring at unplayable games in the interrim :S

  31. Homunculus says:

    I’m playing The Witcher as a Foreign Language Game, using the original English translation and Polish voices. I did the same with Gothic 2 (except in German) when its expansion, Night of the Raven, was released in mainland Europe but for some reason took two additional years thereafter for its English voiced version to be purchaseable.

  32. Chris R says:

    I too, picked up a G9 mouse… we shall see if I like it better than my MX518.

  33. dhex says:

    hey is the g9 bigger than the mx518? that was the biggest mouse i could find under 50 bucks…(i have large hand syndrome in addition to RSI issues)

  34. Jim Rossignol says:

    Homunculus: can you do that with the vanilla UK version?

  35. Nick says:

    Ctrl-Alt-Del.. ugh, what a load of crap that is.

  36. Mo says:

    I’m playing Bioshock and Space Giraffe. Both are really quite fantastic.

  37. Will Tomas says:

    Just a quick Witcher question, what with all this Witcher talk – how system – heavy is it? I can meet the minimum specs but not the recommended, so I’m wondering whether to pick it up in the sales or not…? Or, like Crysis, will I have to wait until I upgrade?

  38. ran93r says:

    Depends on your system I guess, I meet minimum Crysis specs barely and The Witcher is fine at full tilt and 1280 resolution. It does scale down pretty well though.

  39. Chris R says:

    You know what would be nice for RPS? A community forum. Nothing fancy, just a few forums for discussion. Perhaps a “General Games Discussion” forum and a “Everything else” forum. That would be grand.

    Anyway, does anyone here play Hellgate on the US Server Sydonai per chance?

    And… that Lego Portal thing is sweet, very creative with the little flame things for the borders, haw.

  40. Phil H says:

    Mercury Meltdown Revolution on the Wii for me, and I strongarmed my brother into Steam-gifting me HL2 and Episode 1(it strangely won’t let him gift Portal ;_; ). Finding out about the Steam sale though, I think I’ll have to pick up the Orange Box(and Psychonauts, and Peggle) in the next week or so. If I can tear myself away from Disgaea PSP…

  41. Willy359 says:

    I got Crysis too, and I’m just about to install it.

  42. Theory says:

    Can you believe that I didn’t get a single game this year? There’s might be nothing out at the moment I’m interested in, but still!

  43. DigitalSignalX says:

    Supreme commander forged alliance was immensely fun! I sweated through it about a couple weeks ago. Each mission took about 2-3 hours, and several needed retries on normal difficulty, but it was well worth the action packed harvest build n’ kill RTS fix.

  44. Monkfish says:

    I’m really rather enjoying Gears of War (on PC, natch).

    OK, it’s not the most thought-provoking game around, but it’s perfect for a quick blast over Christmas in much the same vein as the seasonal blockbuster action movies.

    I’m liking the cover-based combat system, and the way there’s no loading pauses between levels (cutscenes aside, it’s all one big seamless experience, with levels loading dynamically in the background).

    Oh yeah, shooting stuff is good fun, too.

  45. Tom Lillis says:

    I got a bloody gym membership.

    I hate you all.

  46. Kieron Gillen says:

    Jim: You can do that on the Vanilla version. You have to pirate the Poland voices. That said, you can install full english script if you can stand the disconnect – I too quite fancied the idea of playing the game as a forigen language.

    Want instructions, head to Qt3 and go into the latest Witcher thread. There’s some people (including me) talking about it.


  47. Freelancepolice says:

    I got resi evil umbrella chronicles on the wii. On holiday at the moment so i’ve been playing zelda PH. finished phoenix wright 3 off ready for apollo justice next.

    All this talk of the witcher, is it any good then?

  48. Jim Rossignol says:

    Foreign language is far preferable to bad English voice acting. It annoyed me that by default you only had Korean voices on the hardest difficulty setting in Crysis.

  49. dhex says:

    Foreign language is far preferable to bad English voice acting.

    is there a way to hack this together? because if stalker taught me anything, it’s the above. (as cute as drunk russian accents are, i mean…)

    ahh there is:
    If you play the game on the hardest level, the enemies speak in Korean, rather than English. If you’re like me, you want that for the other difficulty levels, because it’s that much more realistic. So, here’s how you do it.

    Go to C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Config, or your equivalent.
    Open diff_easy.cfg, diff_normal.cfg, or diff_hard.cfg

    Look for this:
    — AI voice readability
    ai_UseAlternativeReadability = 1

    Change the 1 to a 0, and your opponents will speak Korean. Enjoy!

  50. xrrr says:

    I bought myself Company of Heroes from Steam after I read the RPS advent reprise review last week (I am a bit behind) and then the very next post in my feed reader was news of a Steam sale making CoH about £13! Fate.

    I avoided CoH when it first came out because I got really pissed off with RTS’s after Age of Mythology and vowed never to waste my time playing them again.

    So guess I got that for Christmas because my wife refused to buy me any games cos she knew she would not see more for all of boxing day if she did! Steam downloads *do* have their advantages after all ;-)