Lego Portal

No, not some incredible hybrid game announcement, but an awesome piece of Lego modeling over on Brickshelf.

Today, incidentally, is Boxing Day, or the UK’s official “Day After Christmas Day”. It is traditionally the day that gamers spend the entire day locked in a room playing something awesome. (To be fair, we spent most of yesterday playing videogames too, but hey.) If gaming were a religion, this would probably be our holy day. So that’s what I’m going to to do, right now… But what to play? That copy of The Witcher is looking peculiarly tempting.

What did you get for Christmas, readers?


  1. Skyler Bailey says:

    I am a fan of portal.I have portal prelude too,but every time I try to launch it,it…FAILS!!!!!!!but I’m surprized that portal 2 will be releasted some day.