Dwarf Fortress Visualisationer

Fort Dwarfress

As linked in the comments of another thread by Andrew Doull you’ll soon be able to create graphical visualisations of your Dwarf Fortress maps. Impressive stuff.

Dwarf Fortress is one RPS’ favourite indie games, although it somehow didn’t make it onto our end of year Advent calendar of fame.


  1. Garreett says:

    :O Do want! I’m downloading now!

  2. Feet says:

    This is brilliant. Truly.

  3. tom says:

    This got me all drooly,

    Dwarf Fortress reminds me a bit of Mike Singletons spectrum series Lords of Midnight etc.. Theres something really beautiful and nostalgic about grid landscapes.. Its that whole “fill i the gaps thing” like when you could look at the handdrawn map of middle earth and imagine the detail in each forest and mountain…. my I am wistful today!

  4. Pod says:

    I’ve yet to actually play this new version of DF. I fear it’ll be like the last one and ruin my life again by making me play it for hours and hours and hours.

  5. WCAYPAHWAT says:

    DF seems to be a favourite of game journalists everywhere. Down here our local magazine had a giant write up about it this month.

  6. Andrew Doull says:

    I don’t think it qualified because it was released before 2007. Having said that, the new version really is a new version and possibly should have been numbered/named as such.

    FYI: For those of you who want to make sure Dwarf Fortress gets some end of year goodness, you can always vote for it as the best roguelike of 2007 on my blog (link above). But you have to swear that you’re voting for Adventure mode…

  7. Andrew Doull says:

    PS: Thanks for the link BTW.

  8. lio says:

    looks like windows defrag somehow ;)

  9. Peewee says:

    That game is evil

  10. DigitalSignalX says:

    Looks like a debugging console… with um. er. Dwarfs. I’ll pass, but more power to ya’ll folks :)

  11. dwarf lords says:

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