Make Out, Fallout 2, Make Up (the rest)

You are beautiful, no matter what they say, words can't bring you down. Oh-no-oh-oh.

When I was writing my Fallout 3 piece last night, I was over at No Mutants Allowedthanks for the links, guys! – and noticed that a long-in-progress project has been completed by modder killap. The Fallout 2 restoration project is a project which (er) restores Fallout 2. Not in a “makes the world a verdant paradise full of trees and flowers and girls without skin diseases” way, but in implementing a mass of content which was planned by the games’ original developers, including six new areas and stuff and things which I’ll include beneath the cut.

Er… the title’s a Love Is All reference. Sorry?

Here’s the list, taken from NMA’s extensive discussion thread on the thing.

Version 1.0 includes:

New Locations:
• Primitive Tribe
• Abbey
• Vault Village
• Slaver’s Camp
• Hubologist Stash
• Den Residential Area
• Enclave Vertibird Landing Pad
• Ranger Safe Houses

New Karma title:
• New title given at the start of the game. Can be lost depending on the choices you make.

Changes To Old Locations:

• Stealing from the Elder’s chest, Hakunin chest, or Aunt Morlis’ vase will result in a karma drop.
• Ability to plant new seeds obtained from the EPA.

The Den:
• New Area: Den Residential
• New Character: Petey – A druggie who lives in the alley
• New Quest: Orphanage – get the children of The Den off the streets
• New Item: Anna’s diary
• Learn more about the whereabouts of Sulik’s sister
• An extended gang war quest. Now involves going to the party Tyler is at.

• There is now another way of killing Keeng Ra’at. Be observant of the scenery.
• Extended Cattle Rustling Quest.
• Extended dialogue for Maida Buckner – before neither she nor her mother would give you info about the town (would send you in a wild goose chase – ask Mom, ask daughter, ask mom, etc)
• Unlocked voice dialogue for Sulik regarding his sister (won’t notice until Primitive Tribe area)

• It is now possible to cure Fannie of her jet addiction.
• It is now possible to make Fannie OD on jet.
• Support beams in the mines are now destructible.
• Killing all the miners prevents there from being a good ending for Redding.

• It is now possible when falling down in the Ghost Caves or being expelled from the Modoc toilet to break a limb. (Party members are affected too)

New Reno:
• New Character: Three Card Monte and his bodyguard
• The ability to tell jokes as a male or dance as a female at one of the casinos
• A more involved find Lloyd quest
-New Character: Nikki
• New Character: The Barking Man
-Connected to the EPA
• An extended way of getting into the Stables as a woman
-before if you went to the Stables (as a hooker) you would just be dropped off at the main gate and nothing really new happened.
• Unlocked voice dialogue for Myron regarding the location of the EPA

Sierra Army Depot:
• Trip Wire now works as intended.

Vault City:
• New Location: Village Outside Vault City
-New characters involved as well as several others modified to fit the quest.
• Learn some info about the Vault Experiments from Vault City’s Vault.

• Mess with the Enclave on the Gecko computer and feel the wrath of the verti assault encounter.
• Lenny now glows in the dark when you use a radioactive drink on him.
• Ability to become addicted to the game of Tragic.
• Lenny now carries a Zip gun when you first encounter him.

Broken Hills:
• New Quest: Money Skimming Quest
-New characters involved as well as several others modified to fit the quest.
-Unlocked voice dialogue from Marcus

• Nonviolent end to Raiders. (Shadow Who Walks)

• Ability to attack Ranger safe houses as a Slaver.
• Ability to attack Slaver Camp as a Ranger.

Vault 13:
• Find out the real truth behind the Vault Experiments.

San Francisco:
• Return the missing Shi biology corpse
• New location obtained: Hubologist stash

• Ability to fly to Enclave in a vertibird.

• Ability to set off the nuke found on the Presidential level.

Random Encounters:
• Ability to get location of EPA from Random Traveler
• 5 Kaga encounters (he was the previous Chosen One and is now trying to kill you)
• Shaman and Chieftain now found in Nomad encounters.
• Ability to save Homesteaders and then receive a reward for your service.
• Homesteader encounters now contain children.
• Space shuttle special encounter now has the Phazer.

For those who are tempted into getting into Fallout this late in the day, it’s worth noting that the game’s available in budget. If you want to buy new, you can get the Fallout pack of the two main Fallout games and sister-game Tactics for less than a tenner.


  1. DuBBle says:

    Can this be true – the entire mod was developed by a single zealot named Bear Guy?

  2. Nuyan says:

    Bear Guy? That’s awesome, it’s mod of the year already now.

  3. Homunculus says:

    I’ll be trying this tonight, then.

    Similarly, Mask of the Betrayer instilled in me an insatiable hunger for souls adventuring with a bickering, opinionated party of reprobates that saw a reinstallation of Baldur’s Gate 2, laden with the finest mods available. PC gaming! Among them was this gem, which purports to do a similar restoration for the title as the article’s referenced mod does for Fallout 2.

  4. Homunculus says:

    Let us also pause a moment in respectful contemplation of the group of nutters who are labouring to bring us The Sith Lords Restoration Project.

  5. Kieron Gillen says:

    Homunculus: The latter one’s a real insane one. I wish ’em luck.


  6. Phil says:

    KOTOR2 truly needs the restoration. The entire ending feels like the main character whacked his head on a bulkhead and had entered a fevered, concussed dream with no logic, no conclusions, no companions, weird landscapes, walkover enemies, major characters randomly popping in and out and a crashing sense of ‘this isn’t right.’

  7. Flint says:

    I’m sort of scared about installing this and trying this out. Fallout 2 is so wonderfully vast as it is and it’s taken me years to get completely familiar with it, and all of a sudden there would be a billion new things among all the familiar. Where would I find the time to find and enjoy it all, and what if it doesn’t fit to the game?

    Ah well. I simply must.

  8. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    If the TSLRP progress reports are to be believed they’re actually tantalisingly close to finishing it. Which would give me incentive to finally finish the game, as both of my playthroughs have run into game breakers.

  9. Shanucore says:

    Awesome… I think I’ve done everything there is to do in Fallout 2 several times over, so this is great news.

  10. Feet says:

    While we’re linking to insane fan bases fixing\finishing\restoring games that are no longer going to be updated by the devs, we might as well mention the fine people who are working on Bloodlines. I think one of you guys already wrote about them here, but one of the patches is up to version 4.4

    link to

    Long live PC gaming I say.

  11. ninjasuperspy says:

    Dang that’s nice. Now its time to find my Fallout 2 disks.

  12. Iain says:

    I *so* want to get my hands on TSLRP, because the original implementation of the entire last planet makes me scream.

    Mordenkainen’s Flying Lightsabers! What were they thinking??

  13. Phil says:


    If you think of it as the main character’s wacky nightmare, rather than an actual conclusion to a game you paid money for and invested x number of hours in, it helps with the screaming, trust me.

  14. Evo says:

    I may not have played the Fallout games, but I sure do appreciate the effort people put into making mods, especially one that is as comprehensive as this!

    Respect to the Bear Dude

  15. Fumarole says:

    There’s also the excellent Circle of 8 restoration/mod for The Temple of Elemental Evil.

  16. Briosafreak says:

    The current version doesn’t have two problems from the 1.0 original release. Besides the Restoration stuff there’s also other patches and mods that you can choose to install, bringing the fixes to near 300. The bear dude is Killap, he got the help he needed to understand what was missing and what wasn’t working as it should in the first place, and some help from modders that knew how to change things that were thought not to be possible of being modified.

    One of those guys is Timeslip, from the Elder Scrolls community, that brought some much needed DX expertise, and showed that both communities can actually work together, a bit to my surprise.

  17. Chis says:

    So, this has convinced me that – TEN years after buying and playing the damn thing – I should dig out the game and give it another go.

    Trouble is, in the intervening years, I’ve come to loathe turn-based combat, far-too-zoomed out views of dodgy CG rendered sprites, and left-click fests such as Diablo. That’s what I get for playing to much Ys.

  18. Leeks! says:

    I’m perpetually seconds away from reinstalling both Fallout games, locking my door for days and loosing all connection with family and friends. This link may have given me the gentle nudge off the bandwagon I needed.

  19. Doug says:

    Maybe I missed in the list, but did they include the fix for Gecko’s ending? As I recall, it’s impossible to get the “good” ending for them.

  20. Kevlmess says:

    I think the good Gecko ending is one of the fixes included in the unofficial patch – which comes with this mod.

  21. Inflatable Moron says:

    I really enjoyed The Sith Lords, i played it a while after it was released and didn’t notice anything unfinished. However I might have been too caught up in unknowingly following the every command of a creepy sightless jedi mentor to notice.

  22. Nick says:

    You didn’t notice the ending unfinished? Like the nonsensical remote stuff or the way it just cuts away when you are done with Mira (or Hanharr I assume..)? Those stick out more than any other thing, like the proverbial sore thumb in fact.

    I’m going to have to reinstall Fallout 2 now as well, thanks Kieron! (I had an earlier version of the mod but was not keeping up with it’s progress).

  23. Bobsy says:

    The ending of KOTOR2 is one of gaming’s biggest shames. It just ISN’T Kotor at all. You just fight bad guys over and over until you get to a big bad guy, then you fight him (admittedly the confrontation with Sion was pretty okay, but the lead up wasn’t), then you fight a bit more, then you reach Mordenkainen’s Lightsabers indeed. It’s entirely unsuitable as an ending to such a marvelous slice of fantasy drama loveliness.

  24. Iain says:

    The fight with Sion is hilarious, if you take the Sith Lord prestige class. If you’ve got Level 3 Force Crush he can’t even lay a finger on you. It’s like that character from The Kids In The Hall.

    “I crush your head! Crush! Crush!”

  25. Iain says:

    Actually, I meant Four on the Floor. They’re both ’80s Canadian sketch shows I haven’t seen in 15 years. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Moving swiftly on…

    Getting back on topic, I will reinstall Fallout 2, because I never did get very far with it, thanks to the combat.

    “Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. *killed by rad-scorpion*”

  26. Iain says:

    Actually, I was right first time. He was from The Kids In The Hall. Oh, I give up…

  27. Seniath says:

    This could potentially lead to my friends wife filing for divorce. I made the mistake of telling him about this, and he’s sneakily reinstalled it on his PC. I quote;

    Flibberdy says:
    I built an orphanage yesterday and almost forgot to feed matthew.

    Oh the irony!

  28. Elmo says:

    anyone know of a restoration project for Planescape: Torment or a remake or smthing ?

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  30. modoc tribe says:

    […] dwellings on land that was subject to a government instigated land dispute with the Hopi Tribe. …Make Out, Fallout 2, Make Up (the rest) | Rock, Paper, ShotgunWhen I was writing my Fallout 3 piece last night, I was over at No Mutants Allowed – thanks for the […]

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