GlaDOS On Another OS

Spectrums are still better though.

Gaming SA have this, which is pretty cute. One Thrashbarg – we suspect not his given name – decided to actualise the end sequence and a suitably creaky old terminal to play the tune. The processor is a Intel 2Mhz 8080. The sound is a Commodore 64 Side. The Code is assembler. And the video of it can be seen here. One question remains – since it’s a YouTube link, why didn’t I just post the code linking to the video and save myself the effort of cropping and uploading a screenshot? I must have kidney beans for brains.

Thanks to Mr Purvis for the link.


  1. Ghor says:

    Cute! I made a C64 .sid version of Still Alive myself some time ago. This is what I came up with.

  2. Fat Zombie says:

    That was brilliant. Although I should watch out if I were him; even this simple act could trap the spirit of GLaDOS in his terminal, turning it homocidal.

  3. MedO says:

    If I was constrained to such hardware I’d probably turn homicidal too…

  4. Junior says:

    Wow, that is the oldest machine I have ever seen!

    It’s nice to know though, that pimping ones machine was still a priority then too, I wish my pc had that many red lights!

  5. Max says:

    Awh man, I loaded up the assembly in my CPU Simulator but they aren’t hosting all the required files. =[

  6. DigitalSignalX says:

    Many times we have seen other games ported to different, lesser and greater platforms, but is this first time only the credits portion have taken center stage?

  7. Mouj says:

    That’s a pretty nice initiative ! It actually sounds a little more merrier even, on that sound chip.. maybe Valve should have included an usb external device of some sorts with Portal so that the sounds be played like that or something…


    Ghor: That was pretty good. How did you make/track it?

  9. Atomic Cheese says:

    Thrashbarg is the name of one of the characters in Douglas Adams’ fourth book in the Hitchhiker series.