Inhuman After All: ROBOT! ROBOT! ROBOT!


I’m currently working on a preview of IGF finalist World of Goo – short version: pre-order the thing, if only because you get a profanity pack(tm) with it – and find myself wandering 2D Boy’s website. I discover that they’ve lobbed online a 7-day prototype of something they were playing around with, the pithily titled Robot And The Cities That Built Him. While they make masses of caveats – it isn’t finished and was designed while listening to Bette Middler on a loop – its based around a neat little mechanic where you’re managing the upkeep, upgrading and growth of your robot army while they go about crushing and destroying as is a robot’s wont. It’s certainly worth smashing your way through the first thirty cities, before the game runs out of content. Also, as always: ROBOT! ROBOT!


  1. Optimaximal says:

    I so want to play this RIGHT NOW because World of Goo got me through boring university lectures.

    That said, as I am spearheading my companies charge against social networking and other internet based productivity time sinks, me playing this on my work computer wouldn’t be either productive nor sensible from a career point-of-view.

    Such a dilemma!

  2. ezequiel says:

    same mechanic as that fortress game where you had a base and build upgrades and new turrets while an array of soldiers and tanks attacked you.. but in reverse
    (can’t remember the name of the game, sorry).
    this one is funnier but it can be stressful to have way too much robots and recover each one’s hp. a bit of micro-management that i dont like much. but great idea and as a demo, works VERY well.

  3. Mouj says:

    Shucks, am i the only one it’s not loading for ?
    Btw, that World of Goo preview reminded me of a neat game i stumbled upon some time ago, on the web, and i’m now wondering if it was made by 2D boy : the mechanic was to build a tower with those goo balls, and make it the highest possible.. sounds familiar to anyone ?

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    Tower of Goo was the original student game that led to World Of Goo.

  5. Mouj says:

    Yup, that was the one, thanks so much, Jim !

  6. Sum0 says:

    I wish my unfinished crap was as good as this.

  7. Pesh says:

    Got 20,000 hearts before I spent it all on tier 1 chompers.

  8. Theory says:

    I don’t know if I should pre-order it directly. Surely it’ll be on Steam too.

  9. Jives says:

    but it wont have a profanity pack on steam. and you can always add it to your steam games